Marvin Glaspie Jr. aka Marv4MoBeats has been producing Christian Music over 18 years. Coming from a family of musicians and singers, it was natural that Marv would continue on the musical legacy his family started. He started out playing the drums at the age of 4, going on to play for his family church at the age 9. His parents seperated and he moved to New Orleans with his mother and two sisters. When he was 14, he  began playing drums for his Jr and Sr high school. Afterwards he played with various Second Line bands (a New Orleans style band) around New Orleans. At the age of 17, Marv put down the drums and became a Disc Jockey. Starting at high school dances to DJing at two of the hottest night clubs in New Orleans, Marv had gain the respect and recognition as one of main DJ’ s in New Orleans working along side his mentor and friend Charles Leach aka DJ Captain Charles for 5 years. But in 1999 all of that change. Marvin surrendered his life to Christ and has been on a path of fulfilling God’s will for his life. In 2001, Marv hooked up with 2 dudes at his church (Smoking for Jesus Ministries), that rapped but had no beats. They formed a group name SoundMinds. Marv bought a Yamaha Ry20 rhythm programmer for about 80 bucks at pawn shop, and his production journey began. In 2003, Marv married his wife Demaries which Demaries also was a part of the group as singer/rapper. Practicing diligently day in day out, he began crafting his skills and the rest was history. In 2006 he in started up his production company Marv4MoBeats Music and the owner of the #1 site for Christian Producers and DJ’s called In 2013, he also put together a Producer Conference called The ShowCase Producer Conference during SXSW and started a podcast called TheShowLab Producer Podcast. In 2015, he started a sample collection called Marvelous Breaks and Loops, and Marvelous Drums. Also in 2015 he worked for Maschine Masters as an Instructor/Reviewer. He has had the privilege to work with artists such Demaries, Bizzle, KJ52, Datin, Wiz Khalifa, Statik Selekt, Stefanotto, Jered Sanders, Jeremiah Blogen, BumpsNF, Erica Mason, Canton Jones, D. Montrell, R- Swift, Derek Minor, K-Drama, Young Josh, Victory, Erica Diamonds, Fedel, Corey Hicks, Saylah, and so many indie Artists. His mission is to help other inspiring producers fulfill their dreams through music.