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Being a producer nowadays can be one of two things: very good or very bad. Good being that you are on the track towards success, bad being the opposite. What may hinder today’s aspiring producer is the need to change their format of making music.

What do we see that is consistent within anyone’s top 3 music producers of all time? Be it Dj Premier, J. Dilla, Dr. Dre or Johnny Juliano, Organized Noize, Mike-Will…they all have a set formula and have shown the ability to adapt within the musical climate. As one begins to study the game, if we take a look at the growing resume of an individual like Dj Premier, we see that his signature sample based boom bap formula is present within many records he has produced. We also can examine certain spots in his career where he put himself in a situation where he could go outside the box and do something different. (D’Angelo-Voodoo, Christina Aguilera-Back 2 Basics, PHryme-PHryme 2).

With that said, there are plenty of artists who will seek what (Insert Producer Name Here) is known for. Just because a certain sound is in doesn’t mean you have to change. However, it does mean that you will have to grow and adapt and be able to showcase your version of (Insert Musical Style Here) is. If Kanye West can go from sampling soul to incorporating synths and eclectic sounds to his production, anyone can make their own version of authentic sounds.

Omar Luis

Omar Luis

Editor from London, ON, CA.

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