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Beat Review Datin/Tee-wyla: Turn it off vol.1

Track 1 “The Intro” (4 out of 5)

Was an epic orchestration and truly awakens listeners as Datin delivers a message to the mainstream that enough is enough while Tee-wyla gives us a taste of superb theme music for the new radio revolution.

Track 2 “Turn it off” (4 out of 5)

In this track I felt the drums lack presence and too much emphasis was put on toms.

Track 4 “Plug the plug” (5 out of 5)

Was very refreshing and reminiscent of days gone by, outside of it s great arrangement and sound selection the mix was good as well.

Track 5 “Homecoming” (4 out of 5)

Again drums lack presence and the low end areas such as kick & bass are absent.

Track 6 “Fire In My Heart” (3 out of 5)

Was well put together an truly gelled well with the mc’s message without being just your typical “Trap Beat”

Track 7 “Good Look Around” (4 out of 5)

Is a well arranged record sound wise but the synth sounds in the composition carry a lot of High end noise making it too harsh for a listener to enjoy the message of the MC.

Track 8 “Can’t believe my eyes” (3 out of 5)

Is a smooth soul sample, but yet and still the drums lack presence, leaving the sample somewhat lifeless.

Track 9 “Biggie, Jay-Z or Nas/Side B” (4 out of 5)

Tee-Wyla shows a more mellow side of his production prowess with a smooth boom bap filled composition and a beautiful 90’s hip hop layout for his partner MC.

Track 10 “The Voice” (3 out of 5)

Tee-Wyla does another great job of arranging the sounds in his composition and giving a space for the MC to convey his message.


Track 12 “Godless World” (3 out of 5)

With this beat I felt it need a stronger Bass line to give the track more heart, but again it was well arranged and fitting for his MC counterpart.

Track 13 “Get down to Get up” (3 out of 5)

One area I found a little over the top was the volume of the sample, the samples volume or levels tended to drown out the overall composition of this track.

Track 14 “Turn it off 2” (3 out of 5)

The synths in this well put together track were a little crunchy and harsh giving the sense of noise in the track that could make a listener a little annoyed with this musical composition.

( Track 3 /11/15) are skits or repeat tracks)

Overall:  (3.5 out of 5)

Tee-Wyla showed a lot of range on this project and I won’t be surprise if he gets a lot of calls about his work on this record, all of the tracks were superb but I did feel like most of the drums on this project lacked presence, outside of that I totally understood that the mix didn’t call for it, do to the subject matter of the MC. All in all Tee-Wyla’s wok was excellent and my suggestion to MCs is you better make the call now before he is too busy to get wit cha’.






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