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Beat review of Wes Pendleton’s “Love” Instrumental Album

Track 1 “Heart Beat Break”

It was very smooth and relaxing, a little choppy but not to the point of being anode. I felt the drums were superb and the arrangement was impressive. I gave it 3 out of 5.

Track 2 “Never let it go”

This composition was no different than the 1st, superb arrangement, nice chops but lacks any real low end effect making the kick and Bass line really mundane. The breakdowns were great but beat lacked knock. I gave this beat 3 out of 5 as well.

Track 3 “Anytime”

Again a brilliant composition, but lack creativity. I felt that the beat needed live instrumentation to glue the sample to the drums, the drums lack presence and a counter melody could have given this beat a huge lift. 3 out of 5

Track 4 “Love me now”

This beat need harder drums and more dynamics in arrangement to make this track go, another 3 out of 5

Track 5”Don’t make me wait”

One of my favorite tracks on this project  I loved the arrangement and emotion the track conveyed, but the snares lack presence and with all the delays and ping pong panning and sample chopping it was hard to grab the concept of the composition. I gave this beat 3 out of 5

Tracks 6 thru 10 (all we need is we/why can’t you see/ turnaround/take me back/ where do we go from here)

These instrumentals needed a heavier baseline, more thump in the kick & possibly some live instrumentation to blend the chops 6 thru 10 get a 3 out of 5

Tracks 11-15 (love found a way/forever my lady/I’ll be standin/I’m gonna to love you)

More beats that lack creativity and Wes Pendleton’s own personal stamp on the music

In total I really like the project , its clean and clear sonically but lacks any imprint to separate the new composition  from the original music in all I give it a 4 out of 5



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