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During this holiday season I happen to visit a friend of mine, up
here in London, Ontario Canada. Hes an individual I know and kept up
with from work.

During our time at work we happen to find out we both a had strong
passion to making beats. Although we happen to use the same DAW, he
also had analog hardware. Seeing him work alongside an MPC 2000 XL
and Roland SP 404 made me realize something…

My compadre is totally capable of using a DAW and make tracks in
that fashion, but he was more productive and hands on working with
analog gear. He told me although the process is a little different
and perhaps tedious, he felt more comfortable working that way
and also uses what works for him.

Versatility and flexibility is what new studio products are headed
towards, our very own Marv4MoBeats bangs out tracks with his Ipad
with the Beatmaker Daw. I say, a producers mindset with acquiring new
gear is to get things that work specifically for how they work and
function best. This may mean working with a few midi controllers and
a powerful DAW or having a Maschine with a turntable…no matter the
gear, one should always have an arsenal which will cater to their


(Shout outs 2 Patrick T. #WeTheNorth)

Omar Luis

Omar Luis

Editor from London, ON, CA.

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