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Two heads are better than one. In most cases two individuals can get whatever needs to
be accomplished more efficiently, more creatively and at a faster rate. Sports are
better played with squads…math is done better with two heads calculating…yardwork can
be finished at a faster time. There is strength to be found in numbers…

The studio session in the past would only be comprised of a limited amount of people
…the artists, producer and engineers. If there would be a collaborative effort, the
studio would fill up with a set amount of people and the creative juices would flow. During
the times where drum machines and analog gear reigned surpreme, it was all about catching a
vibe and banging the pads and keys or flipping a sample then and there.
The process of making a song was live…

Since the inception of the internet, we have been able to expand our wings and network with
other producers to create. It almost seems limitless now with whom and how you can go about
being creative in the studio. No need to share floppy disks or borrowing certain gear…
Today, one producer can handle the drums, another can handle the melodies and effects etc.
Although nothing would beat making a song or creating in the studio live, sending tracks
back forth between different producers and creating is just as liberating and rewarding!
The digital age has allowed producerville to collab…Go forth and send thy wavs and

Omar Luis

Omar Luis

Believer, Producer, Editor from London, ON, CA.

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