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☆★☆EXCLUSIVE☆★☆ Interview with MVP Loops

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What’s the name of your company?

We are MVP Loops and distribute our own brand of products as well as 3rd party brands.

How long have been in business?

We’ve been in business for 3 years.

Is selling loops a big business to be in?
The loop business can be very profitable if you are willing to work hard. Just like everything else in life success will be determined by the amount of work you are willing to put in.

Why are producers using loops more and more these days?

Producers have been using loops for a long time but these days it seems they are under more pressure to create music faster and more efficiently. They may have a TV show that they write for and those deadlines are tight. Or the style of music requested is out of their comfort zone. Say you produce mostly rock but you get a call that you have to write music for a dance club scene in the style of Lady GaGa for example for the next episode you can simply go to the site and pull up a kit that suits your needs. Recently I was talking to a customer who was looking for some big dance grooves like “On The Floor” by J-Lo. He usually does film scoring and he had to come up with a beat for a dance scene. He bought Pop Glory, got the job done and kept his client happy. A lot of beat makers buy loops also. They can create their own beats from them since they are all royalty free and sell the beats on their Soundclick pages etc. They are able to crank out lots of beats this way. Our Mix and Match selection allows you to buy single kits if you only need a specific thing for your production. We are the first loop company to offer this and it’s been very successful.

Check’em out www.mvploops.com

Why is there such big controversy  about using loops?
Some people feel that you need to create everything from scratch all the time. In reality nobody ever does that. I learned to play guitar by listening to Hendrix,Santana and jazz guys like Wes Montgomery. Now when I play I ‘borrow’ ideas from those licks that I learned. I used them in a way that’s unique to me. It’s sort of like sampling on an instrument. Same thing applies in music production. We all borrow stuff from what we heard before. We are all inspired by other producers and try to recreate their sound somehow. Nowadays loops make it easier for producers to get a good sound real quick. Back in the day only a handful of guys had that ability but now you can go to a site like MVP Loops and buy kits that will have you sounding like a pro in no time.

Have any producer you know of made major placements using loops?
Polo Da Don had a huge hit with “Love In The Club” by Usher. That main line was a sample from Garageband. The beat from “Umbrella” by Rihanna is from Logic. Think about how many people own Logic and Garageband and have those same sounds as the producers of those big records. It still boils down to the creativity of the producer. You still have to write a great melody on top of that hot beat you just made. There are many other cases like that out there but producers are still shy about announcing that they used loops in their productions because of the stigma surrounding using loops.

What would you say to those that using loops is cheating?

Think about how many times “Funky Drummer” by James Brown was sampled and how many major hip hop records that drum loop is on. The producers couldn’t play drums so they sampled on of the the funkiest beats ever. Billy Squire’s “Big Beat” is another great example. Those two loops have birthed some of the most famous hip hop records ever.  I view using loops in the same way as sampling but only now you are digging in a “virtual crate”.  What’s the difference in using a sample from a record and using a loop that you bought to make a record? You didn’t play it yourself but you recognized that the sound was hot and you made something great with it. By using loops you find ideas that you like and piece them together to make a great song. You may not have serious keyboard or guitar skills etc but if you have a good ear you can always find the right loop to fit your song or chop things up and make them fit if you are really creative. I had a customer take one of our sounds from Screamin’ Synth Leads and mix it with a latin montuno piano riff and a sample of a salsa band that he recorded live at a gig. He added some 808 drums underneath and created what I call “Dirty South Salsa”. It was incredible. I couldn’t come up with something like that. He does a lot of work for MacDonalds, Chevy, Tyler Perry etc. He makes a lot of money using loops. It’s all how you use the tools that you have. I think producers have to embrace using loops as the “new sampling” since most can’t afford the 10k and up it costs to clear a sample these days. As I said before it’s all how you use the tools you have and in the end you still have to write a great piece of music.



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