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Featured Producer of the month B-Flat trax

M4M: What’s happening, bruh! How you?

B-Flat: Man.. I can’t complain. Jus’ outchea working’ & yourself?

M4M: Feeling like a “jamaican” right now. On my second interview today and try to make music at the same time.

B-Flat: Ha! That’s the only way to do it though. Between engineering’, mixing, & producing on my end… looks like we BOTH growing’ dreads!

M4M: Mang, I’m telling you. Lol. Lets get into it. Who’s B-Flat?

B-Flat: Yo, B-Flat’s a growing, learning individual. Learning something new everyday out here via production, recording, and mixing.

M4M: For those that may not know…who are some of the Artists you have worked with?

B-Flat: Well, there have been several, but my most notable collaborations were with Canton Jones on the Kingdom Business Pt. 2 & Dominionaire projects as we did the records called “G.O.D.” & “Echo.”

M4M:  Bet and both of those were hits. How long have you been producing?

B-Flat: I started experimenting around ’02. Prior to that, I discovered the gift of playing music by ear as I’d listen to sounds in records & duplicate what I heard. That was the study before the creation.

M4M: Ok. How did the whole Cajo collaboration come about?

B-Flat: It was born via a ministry called The Basement. I was BLESSED to become a part of that entity & shortly after, CaJo became a frequent visitor/performer there. We met there years ago & I was jus’ on hungry producer mode, man. I went there with a demo disc of a variety of 7 beats & my contact info. I placed it in his hands & he called me a week later like, “We got a banger, Brotha.”

M4M: Wow! Praise God! Mang, I hear so much about The Basement. I’m gonna definitely have to get out there. How did you feel when you got that call?

B-Flat: Man… I’ll be honest.. I was asleep.. knocked OUT! Soon as my phone rang, I was like, “GOD… I believe I know what this is about.” Even though it was an unfamiliar number. So I’ll just say… that was QUITE a way to start off a day!

M4M: Amen, dude. You mentioned you became a part of The Basement is that where you received the Lord as your Savior?

B-Flat: Actually, I can honestly give the testimony that says… I’ve been 100 with GOD for as long as I can remember. I’m thankful for that and to my folks for putting me up on my game. My RELATIONSHIP with HIM [Christ] didn’t blossom and get to where it needed to be until The Basement though… DEFINITELY.

M4M: Ok, ok. What equipment do you use?

B-Flat: Software: FL Studio, Reason, & Sonar.
Hardware: Korg Triton, N5, Akai MPK49, and a lil bit of live instruments, (guitars, etc.)

M4M: Mang, you are 4th cat that I have interview that uses FL. What is it that makes FL special to you?

B-Flat: Oh man… for me, that’s one of the 1st programs to which I was introduced. Sentimental value, maybe? Ha! Nah… I love the sequencer. ESPECIALLY in the percussion realm. Can’t see my drums without it.

M4M: Really! Mang I might need to check that joint out. I use Reasons, Record, and Native Instruments.

B-Flat: When I 1st got my hands on Reasons, I believe they were developing the Reasons Record joint. I know that has to be convenient… especially for live instrumentation & such.

M4M: It is. What’s your creative process?

B-Flat: I primarily start off with melody/chords. That’s where Reasons or one of my boards comes in to play. Then, I create the percussion in FL. From there, all is sent to a program such as Sonar/PT for sequencing & extra recording. Tedious, I know!

M4M: Bet. What do you think needs to change in CHH, Gospel?

B-Flat: Change? Well, I work on a lot of independent projects… with artists still on the local scene in markets. It may be beneficial if artists were more open to the approach that artists who are not doing Gospel exercise. Many, believe it or not, kinda stay secluded & away from the “negativity.” This is about souls. Can’t reach them unless they’re.. within arm’s reach. Many do have this concept down though. Don’t get my wrong, I just think about it from that perspective because the independent artists are next to touch a generation in need… so they matter for the future.

M4M: Hey, dude, thanks for taking out the time to chop it up with me.

B-Flat: Man… me?! I greatly appreciate you for this. Should.. I need to be interviewing’ YOU!

M4M: Lol. Thanks, dude.





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