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Featured producer of the Month J Pierre.


Josh what up fam! How you?


Doing well! God is faithful =)


Mang I here that. So lets get right into it. Who is J Pierre?


That is my name. Ha. I’m just a Christian who is trying to live for Christ to the fullest.

I’m blessed to have a gift to use for the Kingdom! Ministry, friends, music, and a desire to do

God’s will sums up my life in a nutshell.


Bet how long have you serving the Lord?


Honestly, I don’t really know. I’ve been saved since 1998. I started off on fire for God preaching the Gospel

to anything that moved!

However, in 2005-2008, I began drifting from the Lord. My mind got off focus and my heart soon followed.

Towards the end of 2008 I found myself in a very low place in life. Music was gone. I had stepped into some immoral stuff.

BUT the Lord brought me back to my knees. Been reactivated in the ministry.

Now I am serving in my church in various different ministries the Lord has put me in and I am truly blessed.

I couldn’t live any other way.


Yeah I remember when you went on your sabbatical. As a matter of fact you text me when that took place.

Thank God for restoration!


Amen! December 2008 is when I began my healing and restoration in the Lord. It’s also the month when

BlazinKits was revamped!


Hallelujah when that happen lol!




Now you know me and you go back quite sometime but for those that may not know or heard of you,

tell us who have worked with and what you doing now


Ok. I started making beats in 2004. I sucked at it but I knew it was what God wanted me to do.

I went from not knowing anything about music production to turning heads of major A&R executives in the music industry.

I got good at making beats! I worked with 2Five (The Watcher LP track: ‘Talk to ya’). I also composed a few beats on

Viktory’s album, “Son of The King.” On that LP I did “Good Thing” Featuring Marvin Winans Jr. and “Get Better” featuring

Lisa from Out of Eden. I got a few T.V. placements as well on America’s Next Top Model, MTV Cribs, and a few other

CW Network T.V. shows. I also did Saylah’s hit single “Amazing” on his “Break out” LP. I skipped a lot of stuff but that’s

what I can remember. It’s been so long since I got any placements. Oh I forgot to mention what I’m doing now

Right now I am starting to reconnect with Christian Rap artist. I kind of have to start from scratch.

I’ve been away from Christian music for almost 3 years. I just started making beats again in the summer of 2010.

I’m talking with Saylah about working on some new stuff for his next album. That’s about it for right now.

I’m still working on BlazinKits. That’s been what’s kept me in tune with music.


Ok word. Speaking of Blazin kits, first off not i’m only a customer, I’m a big fan,supporter,advocate of your drums.

What was the reason behind you starting Blazin Kits?


I am glad you asked! Well, when I first started making beats I had no good drum kits. I would hear beats from some of my

favorite producers and I used to wonder where they would get their drums! I bought kits from sound sites but they didn’t hit

hard enough for me. So I started teaching myself how to layer my drums. So before I started working on a beat I

would create my own kick, snare, or clap. After awhile I had a whole library of samples. I wanted to sell them but,

I remembered when I started off making beats and how I always wanted drums that made my beats stand out.

So for awhile I had my whole drum library up for FREE. After that I started making more and more samples and

then started selling kits. I also started layering synths. I love it! I still have a few free samples up. They’re up on the site.


ok ok. Today they sample sites coming up everywhere. Is there a lot competition in what you doing.

A while back you had a situation with dudes stealing your joint and reselling them.

How do bob and weave thru all of that?

There is a ton of competition. There are a few sites that are legit. Sometimes I buy from other sample sites.

I tried to tackle those stinkin’ bootleg sites! It’s tough. When I manage to take down one or two illegal

download links another 3 pop up. So I just keep it moving. I ask my customers not to upload BlazinKits

samples for the world to download for free. That’s all I can do right now.

Amen has doing site been doing well?

Yes. It’s doing well. It keeps growing. The site averages about 1,500 Unique visitors and 2,000

Number of visits a month. It’s good to me!

Great!!! Well you know whatever I can do to help I got you.

Thanks brO! I really appreciate it.


What do you think about the music that has been coming out in CHH as of lately?

I don’t normally listen to a lot of Christian rap. I’m into David Crowder band, Casting Crowns, and other CCM artist.

I love worship music too. But when I do play Christian rap I listen to Mouthpiece, Lecrae, and a few others.

I think the music that’s coming out now in Christian rap is great! I can’t speak for every Christian rapper,

but for artist like Mouthpiece, Lecrae, and Sho their music is on point!

Do you think that producer’s are out quality production? What needs to change in producerville?

Well, I haven’t really heard a lot of beats from other producers lately. I know a lot of producers stepped their game up!

You’ve improved! What I think needs to change is the business side of selling beats. That’s another conversation in itself.

Ha! Me and you talked about that for hours over the phone. The business side needs to get cleaned up. Musicians need to

start working with better contracts when they lease out rights to a beat.

Amen and thx for compliment. Tryna be like you Mr. Blazin Kits lol


Any last words to those that reading this?

Love God with all your heart. Man, that is the greatest commandment. We don’t love Him like we should but we can at

least work on that today. That’s it. God Bless! =)


Any shout outs?

Hmm. Nope. Ha! Jk. Shout out to Mpax productions, Saintjoe from soundsandgear.com, ALL my FB friends Ha, and to

everyone supporting BlazinKits. Thank you. And thanks Marv for the support brO. God Bless you. Stay humble and

looking forward to seeing the great things God is doing in your life.

Hey mang thank you dude for banging drums and that you provide and thanks for doing this with me.


No prob bro.



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