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    Omar LuisOL

    Alrighty producerville lets us dialog and talk about using cracked software!

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    AvatarMarvin Glaspie

    I will be the first to say I have use cracked software and I do have my convictions about it. But I know some guys have no problem with it all.

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    Where I’m from, there isn’t much money. I’m going on my 5th and final year in college as a graphic designer and I have used cracks the whole way through. Even with my music. I am convicted and I know it’s wrong but I make sure that I create stuff that’s pleasing to God and that I don’t waste my opportunity or take it for granted. One day I will be able to afford the softwares. God will make a way!

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    Omar LuisOL

    Thanks 4 responding guys! For me theres a big grey area when it comes to any sort of piracy. In this case though I agree with Black, I feel like it is ok to start out using it but once you reach a point where you can afford it, you should!

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    AvatarWinford M

    I can understand why it’s done. You have people who would love to make music but don’t have the money. Even more, the music industry being in such a low economic state doesn’t afford most producers and.engineers the opportunity to even make a living. Any corners that can be cut unfortunately will be cut. I personally have used cracked or shared software, but.I did that as a struggling student. Now that I have money, I purchase all of my programs. None of it speaks to the failing state of music though.

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    Me personally I’ve had ALL jacked programs at one time but not being able to use them fully is annoying, just like not being able to afford the full version is annoying too.
    Should you:
    A: Save money til who knows when
    B: Get it now while the ideas are fresh in your head
    C: Wait and do the right thing (but by the all new programs will be out)

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    I have used pirated software before and after using it I got a virus on my computer! After that experience it kinda pushed me away from using any. So I personally do not use any. If I like some specific software I just DL the free trial versions and try to reuse them over and over again. Once the trial period end, remove it from the computer and re-DL, most of the time that works!

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    AvatarRico Gibson

    Well…..LOL, I would be straight lying if I say I have never used pirated software. As my friends dubbed me, “The Rizzar”. LOL, what a horrible nickname to be given. LMBO!!!!

    On the real though, is it wrong yes, have I done it yes. However, I’m incline to purchase them now. I downloaded the Maschine software to try it out and I didn’t like it at first, coming from an MPC but I went out and bought the hardware, and the software that came with it was the 2.0 version. Well, I’m still using Mac 10.6.8, because I have alot of older plugs that I still use and I would have to upgrade to an higher OSX, but I like the version I have because everything works flawless. I went back to Maschine and had to go up the ladder to get version 1.8 that was compatible with my system as I did not want to upgrade. I looked for 1.8 cracked and couldn’t find it. However, they went ahead and sent me 1.8.

    What am I saying? When you purchase the software you get tech support and when you have issues you want to be able to call somebody. I’m now doing more professional stuff, so I can afford to buy my stuff out right. But at first, I was breaking everybody off. LOL. That’s my .02 cents.

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    I might have used a few cracked plugins here or there. I used cracked versions of Rob Papen’s Blue and Albino 3… I took it as a barter from a guy I was working with it was the most valuable thing he could give me so I didn’t really feel convicted about it. Perhaps judgment came upon me however, for a while it freezed up my computer everytime I tried to load it in a track; now I can’t even use the computer and had to upgrade to a mac. No complaints though 😉

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    Omar LuisOL

    Hey Eazy I hate experiencing that! Save up the money to get the software but by the time you can a new version is already out! I agree with Winform M, the music industry has suffered and it really is hard to get on in this business!

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    AvatarMarvin Glaspie

    I was just talking to my dude about that. Like if he had a software he bought and gave me a copy that wouldn’t be sstealing because he’s my friends but then who where he got it from lol. Food for thought…

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    Im a music producer and for me, I started out using cracked software. The reason so was because it was so easy to attain. I could just type it in goggle, download it and bam, I had it. Over time though, Even though you may be making dope music and having fun, one day its just like if I love this so much why dont I buy it? The word investment comes to mind. Invest in yourself. I think of the many times when I invested in myself for things that I felt that I could easily attain again but putting a real investment and making a real commitment to myself was something different. Did I value myself enough to invest in me? Also,I had to grow to a point where I realized that it was not just simply a program but a tool for ministry. I couldnt operate in a missionfield using faulty weapons ya know? So thats my take.

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    AvatarMarvin Glaspie

    Good stuff Mr. McDowell tools for the mission field is a great way to look at it.

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    AvatarDJ JesusBeats

    From my experience, I used to download many pirated software that I was too cheap to purchase.
    The Pros:
    1. I had the program on my computer and could use the basics of the program.
    2. I didn’t have to pay for it.
    3. I was able to get the job done with the program.

    The Cons:
    1. The program was bootlegged.
    2. I had to disconnect from the internet in order to install the program.
    3. The Program came with Spyware, Trojan Viruses, Malware that affected my computer regardless of the latest Virus Software that was installed.
    4. I could not update to the latest version due to the program was blocked for being pirated.
    5. I felt a personal conviction for taking part in stealing a program I did not pay for.
    6. No tech support or assistance to help me troubleshoot a malfunction with the pirated program
    7. The program would force close due to glitches

    As you can see the Cons out weigh the Pros and my advice is to save your money up and purchase the legal and legit program from the Developers Website. They will provide Tech Support, Help, Assistance and live updates for whatever software you need. You will have the current versions that may help with both the Mac and Windows based computers and Laptops. And finally, you will fell better about not stealing software that has been pirated by someone who is too cheap to purchase the real program.

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    I don’t agree with using cracked version of products…money and time was put into the product and it’s the right thing for the user to pay dues to whom it’s rightly to be given to. I have in the times past did use cracked version and I said I’d never do it again.

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