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Futuristic Nostalgia

In the world of hip hop production there have been only a handful of machines that are synonymous with the genre and have also stood the test of time. Whether it was the sound the samplers produced or the musicians behind them making the music…without a doubt the “SP” is among them.

Recently, there has been some noise brewing around a successor to the legendary EMU-SP 1200 drum machine. A company by the name Isla Instruments have been developing the SP-2400 sampler drum machine. We know that the name of the instrument can have anyone within the music production world excited but if the instrument itself doesn’t deliver, it may sway potential buyers to the opportunity of obtaining this item.

From the outside the machine gives you a futuristic nostalgic feel as the sampler is very similar to the SP-1200 build. It is a rectangular box with about 66 buttons, 8 pads, 11 knobs, 8 sliders and a small screen display. Based on the renderings of the instrument it seems to almost copy the colors of the original 1200 and now may include buttons that light up.

Isla CEO Bradley Holland aims to create a machine to have both 12-bit/24-bit operation and a near perfect mix of old and new features in this instrument. You can learn more about this new piece by checking the video below or visiting this site.

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