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I believe we have come so far in technology that we may take a lot of things for granted.
Many things that were created have also been made better and innovated in time. A
phone at a certain time was made to simply and only make phone calls. Today, what can’t a
phone do? It’s a little computer in your pocket!

With that said, we sometimes forget the dash of time to see what the process was for many
products and or things to arrive where they are today. In music production, we have gone
through things like mixers, monitors, digital audio workstations, hardware and surpassed
what are limitations!

Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from the keys and pads to really check out where things
come from. Did you know the art of sampling may have originated as a mistake in a studio
session? Did you know a foot-pedal sampler existed? From synth keyboards to microphones,
there is history in all things that seems forgotten…..dig in into doing some research
and homework…you’ll never know what you may find interesting!

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