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music is life


Today, it seems like everyone is going away from being original and expressing themselves in whatever form. Unfortunately, the commercialism of art is going that route as well. Music that is personally-homemade as opposed to music that is formed in an assembly-line format looses a great charm and touch.

In the midst of this time where music may look stagnant due to commercialism, there is
still a group of individuals who are still running in their own lane with their own unique
sound. Fortunately there is still an audience who are hungry to listen to their musical
product! In the mainstream world, legendary producers like Dj Premier, Pete Rock, Dj Quik,
Dj Jazzy Jeff, Organized Noize and The Alchemist are highly celebrated and still are active
in producing for artists. They may not be active in delivering radio friendly songs now but
they are delivering music which is authentic to them.

With that said, ultimately the onus is on the creative minds who make music to choose what
route to go with their sound. However, their authenticity shouldn’t leave their body of
work just to fit in musically or a certain mold. If music was made just in one particular way, it would be
boring! Music is a wonderful soundscape where it unlocks self expression, intelligence and
creativity! Sounds can shape and trigger the identity of the next group of clever, soulful,
innovative, individuals!

Omar Luis

Omar Luis

Believer, Producer, Editor from London, ON, CA.

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