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Interview With Brian-MixEngineer-K1dd

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Whats good Brian thanks for getting up with me!

Brian Kidd
No prob bro feel honored/humble for you even wanting to interview

Could introduce yourself to whom ever could be reading this? Who is
Brian Kidd and what does he do?

Brian Kidd
Sure thing. 29 year old mixing engineer from North Carolina
originally from Virginia, Hampton to be exact, just to here trying
to make my way Lord willin’. Went to school for mixing after trying
to find out what I really wanted to do in college. Graduated and
after years of grinding and building my clientele here I am talking
to you lol.

Thats dope bro! What made you wanna be an engineer? What sparked the
interest to be behind the boards?

Brian Kidd
It’s funny you asked that it all started with Little Brother’s first
album The Listening! The production, lyrics, vibe, etc. I knew I
wanted to do something in music but I didn’t know what. But also I
grew up around music all my life! My Dad is a pastor and my mother
used to be the choir director so gospel music was all around. As far
as other genres like HipHop, R&B, Soul, etc. I used to listen to
that with my older siblings when they would go out with there
friends to the store and other areas. But again that Little Brother
album changed my life back in 2004. I wanted to first do production
but funny thing I didn’t have the patience for it (The Irony). So as
I researched more job titles I came across the mixing engineer as
the person who can control the vibe and tonality of records. Looked
up schools that offered the major, which was Barton College, and the
rest was history. That Little Brother album changed my life all
around especially at a time when 50 Cent was running the airwaves.

Yo, as a fan of music and aspiring to be a producer like The
Listening and Minstrel Show….good Lord! THOSE BEATS BY 9TH!!! And
the chemistry that they had was crazy, I still study and got 9th
beats on rotation. lol yeah there is some irony in that lol the
patience. One could argue you need patience for producing and being
the engineer lol

Brian Kidd
Yeah bro lol I have more patience for engineering than producing. I
am an impatient person unless it pertains to Mixing lol.

So The Listening came out in 04
is that how long you have been engineering for?

Brian Kidd
No it came out in 03′ actually didn’t discover the group until I
heard them on a Consequence and Kanye mixtape. But I actually didn’t
touch a piece of gear until 07′ when I started attending college and
after I graduated in 2010 that’s when I started mixing
professionally but things did not start to build until 2012!

Could you tell us that little dash of time…what occured in terms
of trying to get placements or just youre journey as a new engineer?

Brian Kidd
Life……lol working 9 to 5’s which I still do now. Begging artist
to let me mix their stuff for free and still get turned down. But I
did have one artist on my side who helped through the whole thing.
K-Hill who I not only consider a friend but a brother as well. A
little hip hop history about K-Hill who is from North Carolina as
well, he was around Little Brother and the whole Justus League
during their come up. And actually if you listen to 9th Wonder’s
first album Dream Merchant Vol. 1, he was actually the 1st song
featured on there. But before I graduated I reached out to him on
Twitter (THANK GOD FOR TWITTER!) to try and work explaining I was an
Up and coming engineer and that I wanted to try and collab on
something. 7 years later I have a nice resume because of him
responding back to me. Dope artist but even doper person so I owe
that man everything…..look up some of his music too he has an
album coming out that I am currently mixing called G.R.O.W.N. hoping
to drop by the fall!

Thats dope! Yeah I herd of K-Hill through my compadre Jered Sanders,
he be a killah mc! I think in this industry we all kinda go through
a phase where we wanna work so badly well do it for free or just
undervalue our work or what we bring to the table. Praise God for
that little grind time or bad time….cuz we all need that as
motivation and a reminder!
What do you use to engineer? You actually got a ssl console or big
board? 1000000 dollar laptop or lol ahah wacha working wit?

Brian Kidd
Exactly! Lol and what I use is just Pro Tools 12, some $5 Sony MDR-
CD180 headphones, my iMac and the speakers from the iMac. When
people would come in my apartment and see my workspace they would
say “So where the other equipment” and I would calmly say this is
it! Another DOPE artist who I consider a friend and brother PAT
Junior announced it at his album listening party which I mixed and
people’s jaw dropped and they were amazed about the I guess lack
thereof of equipment I use lol.

Whoa holap you said $5 headphones? and you did all that with that
much equipment?

Brian Kidd
lol yessir most of the albums/singles/mixtapes that have my name on
it……that’s the equipment I use. “It’s not about the gear it’s
the ear.” And also a lot of trial and error lol. But hopefully
within the next month or two this whole space is gonna be upgraded
the next time we speak lol.

Good Lord lol thats crazy! But it is true though, its not what you
have but how you use what you have. Same thing could apply to any
creative craft be it producing, mixing etc…
Whats your process in the studio when working? In laymens terms,
what do you do when youre engineering…

Brian Kidd
True indeed!
The first thing I always do before I mix is pray! Clear my mind and
for God to give me focus to get through the mix and to the next one.
But after that, I usually just listen to the raw files of the song
to try and determine where the artist was going with the track of
course if he doesn’t tell me what he wants or how he wants the vibe
of the track to feel then I usually do my own thing to try and bring
out the best in the song.

On the technical side…there a thing you do with the tracks
specifically or is it based all on youre ears and feeling the vibes
of what the track calls for

Brian Kidd
Just really based on my ear and what the artist or myself is going
for! However, with certain arists like my brother Jered Sanders
tracks most of his notes or what I used to call novels, he would
always want warmth for his tracks so one of my favorite plugins I
always use for his tracks is the Little Radiator from Soundtoys
which they gave out for free one Christmas!

Shout out 2 Jered Sanders! Nobody Famous! Cant wait for it to drop!
I would think lot of artists are very particular with their sounds
though…if I were to rap or sing I think I would be. I gotchu
though….speaking of artists whom have you worked with? Run us
through youre resume….

Brian Kidd
Indeed shoutout to Jered Sanders Nobody Famous January 27th by the
way lol. But as far as artists I have worked with over the past 2
years it has been growing. I have worked with Dee Goodz out of
Nashville Tennessee who has always looked out for me as well which
he connected me with the homie Chase N Cashe who is a dope producer
and I mixed a couple of his projects. Also again K-Hill, P.A.T.
Junior, theWHOevers which is a dope group out of Chicago and
shoutout their whole team as well, The Ol’Days (Chicago), DJ
KO/Elementality, Silent Knight, Damani Nkosi, Skyblew, Azon Blaze,
KamBINO, Alfred Banks, Read B Verses, Tone Spain, Rod McCoy, Picclo
(the homie 4 life lol), Ace Henny, Chris Morris (R.I.P.) and a host
of others that I really cannot think of off the top. But also others
I really cannot say that’s also in CHH but you will see in the next
coming months lol. But I will have my website laid out that will
list every artist I have worked!

Dope! Who would you like to or would want to work with and mix their
body of work?

Brian Kidd
Man I would love to work closely with TDE and pick MixedbyAli’s
brain lol. But also Freddie Gibbs, Curren$y, Kanye West, Mick
Jenkins, Eshon Burgundy, Roosevelt, Toro Y Moi, and a host of others
but these few I would love to work with!

TDE has some crazy projects….sonically how they have their kicks,
snares and everything lined up to fit or match a vibe is crazy….
Whats in store for you in the future? Could you share some nuggets?

Brian Kidd
Man I am amazed by it every project But I say in the future I am
getting my company off the ground which is 1Sound1Vision and
basically that is just me for now but hopefully build, collab, and
have other producers, artists, engineers under the umbrella soon.
also I have a number of projects with my name on it they are getting
ready to release soon so I will keep you updated lol. Lastly is to
get in a better job situation lol prayerfully! And also continuing
to grow with my girlfriend whom I have been with through all my
trials and tribulations making this transition in music so yeah very
busy future Lord Willin!

BIG THINGS POPPING!!! PRAISE GOD! Alrighty Brian thanks so much for
youre time to do this! Any shout outs? Let the people know!!!

Brian Kidd
Shoutout to my family, Detroit, Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina.
Shoutout to those that genuinely want to see me to win and those who
want to see me fail as well! Thank you for this opportunity Omar! #1Sound1Vision



Twitter: @MixEngineerK1dd

Soundcloud: MixEngineerK1dd

Instagram: mixengineerk1dd

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