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Interview With Dj Azee


Ayo Dj Azee whats happenin! Thank you for getting up with me! Could
you introduce yourself to the readers? Who is Dj Azee and whats does
he do?

Dj Azee
My birth name is Adrian Zonicle, but I also go by the name of DJ
AZee. Full time I work as a Industrial Millwright Mechanic, but my
passion is in music as a DJ. I Dj throughout Toronto, doing
Christian events with local artists and I also DJ corporate events,
weddings, birthday parties etc…

Dope! How long have you been dj’ing for? Salute to those in T.Dot!

Dj Azee
I have been Dj’n for about 9 years…

9 years huh…talkin to a vet huh lol How did you get into dj’ing?
Who would you say are major influences when you get busy on the
one’s and two’s?

Dj Azee
I got into Dj’n around 23 with my younger brother Dj Dizzy D. Music
was always apart of my family, coming from a Caribbean background.
My father taught us how to play the 10 piece drum set, congos, goat
skin drums, steel pan and our heritage music called (Junkanoo) from
the Bahamas. But music really grew on me as a child listening to
real soul music, funk, disco, new jack swing, Michael Jackson. Real
Music!!! So my father planted rhythm and music in us at a young
age…But i began Dj’in with my brother in a soundcrew called S.O.S
Entertainment all over Toronto nightclub venues. It was that
brotherly bond that fuelled the drive to wanna play music for an
audience and show everyone what we could bring to the table, with
our diverse musical background.

But Since 2014 I gave my life to Christ and was born again! I then
decided to use my skills to spin music for the Lord and share His
Good News. My wife and I also started a Company called (Divinity
Promo) which is a Christian promotional company based out of
Toronto, dedicated in connecting audiences with positive and
motivational music while glorifying Christ. In doing so we put
events together that not only create positive environments, but also
invites and promotes artists with the same message. We support local
businesses that encourage the health and wellness to our local
community. Part of our proceeds will be given back to churches
within the community. I have also had the privilege to work with
Role Model Records based in Toronto Canada. They have given me the
opportunity to work with leading CHH artist’s Dru Bex, Shope and
Juliet Oh. It’s been an amazing journey.

Praise God! Man I gotta look into youre company in depth. Who have
you’ve worked with?

Dj Azee
We have worked with alot of Toronto Dj’s such as Starting from
Scratch, Spex, Vertex Sound Crew, Legacy Soundcrew, Dj Infa Red,
Infamous Soundcrew, DJ Whitebwoy to name off few. Artist wise, I
have worked with Dru Bex, Shope, Juliet Oh, Terrance Penny, and
Anthony Sawyers.

Shout outs 2 the folks at Role Model! What do you use to cut the

Dj Azee
To Dj I began using Technique 1200’s and transitioned to Pioneer CDJ
850’s for easier portable use. I also use the new Numark NV

What is your process in the studio? How would you go about working
with an artist in a studio session or coming up with a set for a

Dj Azee
When doing events, I tend to make a playlist of all the hottest
tracks that dropped that year. I may or may not play all the tracks,
depending on how the crowd reacts. I still feel it’s my job as a DJ
to feed the crowd with some new bangers and let them know CHH or
Christian Hip-Hop is excelling in quality, sound and lyrical
abilities. CHH today is on par with main stream music quality, to
the point where you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference except
in the lyrics. When performing with artist’s I tend to go over
they’re playlist and complete a rehearsal prior to they’re main
performance. My job during they’re performance is to keep the crowd
engaged and hype them up with music, sfx’s and mc ability.

Man salute to you and all the dj’s working for the kingdom! Those
things are important for a show! Any artist you want to or plan on
working with?

Dj Azee
I don’t have a specific artist I would like to work with, but if I
had to pick one it would have to be Andy Mineo or Trip Lee from
Reach Records.

Would you say dj’ing is becoming something less and less prevelant
within the christian hip hop genre or becoming a lost art?

Dj Azee
I would say that right now CHH is blowing up. Reach Records
transitioning to Sony Music this year and John Givez possibly
joining Interscope. I believe we are making a mark in the music
industry and it’s up to us as DJ’s to get that music out there and
share the Good New’s about our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Music
and Dji’n will never be a lost art as long as we believe in what we
are putting out for and message we are sending.

Well said…What can expect from you in the future?

Dj Azee
In the future I hope to put on local events in the community that
bring people together, enjoying positive music and sharing the
Gospel through music. I hope to work with more major CHH artists. I
also hope to get on radio air and share this music to the world. To
share The Great Commission, make disciples, and stand firm in the
Faith. To let people know about the Amazing God we serve and the
Love He has for us, by sending his only Son Jesus Christ. Paying the
price for us on the Cross, so that we could have communion with God
and be set FREE.

Amen, can never forget why we do this or what the mission is! Dj
Azee, thanks for chopping it up with me! Any shout outs? Let the
people know!

Dj Azee
Thank you for your time. I would like to shout out Marv4mobeats/Omar
for giving me this platform to share my story. Like to shoutout the
Role Model Record Family. A Big shout out to my boy Dru Bex for help
and wisdom throughout the years. Also a Big shout out to my
beautiful wife Chantel for her patience and guidance through out our
journey. Also check out my latest mixtape The Wake Vol. 2, you can
listen on Soundcloud or download it for free on Noisetrade.



Instagram: @DivintyPromo

Twitter: @Mr_AZee

Noisetrade: Dj AZee-The Wake Vol. 2

Soundcloud: Mr AZee DivinityPromo

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