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Interview With Dj Klassyk


What’s good DJ Klassyk? Thanks for taking the time to do this!

Dj Klassyk
No problem at all thanks for having me.

Could you introduce yourself to the readers? Who is DJ Klassyk and what
does he do?

Dj Klassyk
What’s up everybody, my name is DJ klassy k, I server as the DJ for K-
Drama and D-Maub. I’ve also DJ’d for Lecrae, Tedashii, Everyday Process,
R. Swift to name a few…

Word! So as of now you are the man behind the ones and twos (s|o to Dj
Serve One) for K Drama and D Maub.

Dj Klassyk
Yes, as of right now, outside of the local artists here in Cincinnati
Ohio, K-Drama and D-Maub are my main acts that I spin for.

To have also Dj’d for Everyday Process, Swift and TDot means you have
some time in the game….could you bring us back to the beginning
though? How did you get into dj’ing?

Dj Klassyk
Good question…At the age of about 9 or 10 I taught myself how to DJ,
My brother, brought me into the game of hip hop, he was a rapper and I
later became the dj for his group, and we would be performing in clubs
locally, and thats how I started. I was born into a christian singing
family…….we all had gifts musically and my was playing drums which
is how i got into producing swell. We all had gifts musically and mines
was playing drums which is how i got into producing swell.
as well. I actually taught myself how to dj by watching and listening to
cats like Grandmaster Flash, Dj Jazzy Jeff, Dj Scratch, Grand Wizard

OGs! Praise God for gifts, we have em for His glory! It would be dope to
have seen such folks perform….I’ve only seen DJ Jazzy Jeff perform but
as an actor on Fresh Prince lol you also produce?

Dj Klassyk
Yes I do produce as well.

Nice! I would imagine that kinda came natural being a DJ, there’s just a
natural transition into making records or producing….so for either
realm (producing|dj’ing) what do you work with in terms of equipment?

Dj Klassyk
Anything you put in front of me lol. I feel I’m that gifted lol

The Maschine, roland phantom g8, and protools
So an SP1200, Akai Mpc 60, Ensoniq asr-10……techniques
1200’s…..Roland or Ortafone type of equipment you can use fluently no
problem? Lol

Dj Klassyk
Yep, pretty much…Mpc…………all of that…

Shoot I wish I knew how to run all of em joints lol what is your process
in the studio or when doing a live set with an artist dj’ing? Any
particular process involved in the outcome? Did you have get fresh new
needles or have had a coffee a certain way to get you in the vibe or lol
what is the process..

Dj Klassyk
Nah, not really. Everything I do comes natural to me
All of the years that I’ve toured and performed with K-Drama and D-
Maub………….we’ve never rehearsed. It comes natural to us
Just that chemistry, you know? Funny thing is all the the artists I’ve
ever dj’d for, I’ve never rehearsed with them.
They trust who I am, and how I am as a dj.

Gotchu gotchu….Is there any artist you would like to work with? Be it
producing or dj’ing?

Dj Klassyk
I’ve shared the same stage Canton Jones, know him very well, he’s my
favorite artist…..shhhh don’t tell em. But he is who I would love to
DJ and Produce for…

Cajo…..big ups to em…is there anyone else?

Dj Klassyk
Trip Lee, J’Son, and Mary Mary……..cause to my knowledge, Mary Mary
has never used a DJ……I wanna give them that different look.

That would be dope! Yeah I would think they would use a live
band…because of the climate we are in musically….do you think the DJ
is a still a role that is needed and prevalent? There was a time where
there were plenty of duos consisting of an mc and a DJ…..
Has that come to a halt?

Dj Klassyk
Great question…I believe DJing Is becoming the forgotten art form
period in all of Hip Hop, and is still being accepted in CHH, Some
artists don’t know how to utilize the Dj on stage. the Artists that I
mentioned that i spin for, they know about that art form, and respect

You think that may be the case in the future in christian hip hop? Will
it be a forgotten art form?

Dj Klassyk
At the rate its going now, I think so, we are not being used enough in
CHH. Artists aren’t using the DJs, promoters don’t book us. How many
artists in CHH have their own DJs. When the Artists has to travel, the
DJs are left behind. its like we’re not taken care of, like the artists
are. I consistently stay fighting for our art form to be respected like
MCing is. Without the DJ………..you have no artists…

You wouldn’t have a show! Lastly could you give us a few nuggets of
what’s in store for the future? What’s next for DJ Klassyk?

Dj Klassyk
As of right now, I am doing spotted tour dates with K-Drama, to
celebrate his CD entitled The 8th. I will eventually have a major
announcement to make. I’m doing consultant work for Heirborn
Entertainment, just helping out when needed…And as for Djing and
producing, I am teaching DJing, still producing, working on some
projects and developing artists and DJs. I’m blessed right now. Please
be on the lookout for Designated Believer, Chryssy Payne, Carita Cole,
Fly Boy, D.R.A.F.T. and Scott Simms, and Dj Vessel…….these are the
artists and Djs that I’m grooming.

Alright DJ Klassyk, thanks for chopping it up with me! Any shout outs?
Let the folks know!

Dj Klassyk
Shout out to my City of Cincinnati Ohio, My family, My girl, All the
artists I spin for.




Instagram: djklassyk 


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