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Interview With DJ Miss Eclectic


Whats good Dj Miss Eclectic! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview
with me!

Dj Miss Eclectic
Thank you for having me Omar! It’s an honor…I’m blessed cannot complain!

Could you introduce yourself to the readers? Who is Dj Miss Eclectic and what does she do?

Dj Miss Eclectic
I’m just a sou’s who’s intentions are good, oh Lord please don’t let me be misunderstood
LOL JK ahahahah…I am a lyricist, 1/2 of Urban Gospel Duo F.R.E.E. (Forever Radical
Edifying & Exalting) and a DJ/ Radio Personality from San Antonio, TX who loves Jesus and
loves music and I also have a 9-5.

Good stuff, is your dj name same as your mc name? How did you get into mc’ing and dj’ing? I
find it that exercising multiple talents or gifts…you may sway one way or the other….

Dj Miss Eclectic
Yes my MC name is Eclectic, so I just added a Ms. on it for a DJ name. I wanted to stay
consistent. I have been MC’ing for a very long time, probably since the age of 10. I
started rapping with my cousin and then in my church drill team back in the day smile
emoticon. And I’ve been doing rap every since and now I’ve been in the group F.R.E.E. for
about 5 years. I started DJing about 5 years ago. I’ve always loved music, so I started
DJing house parties and events and through word of mouth my clients started growing. I
honestly originally did it because of all of the taxes they were taking out of my check
when I got my first real job after college smile emoticon Shout out to Prairie View A&M
University! But then I developed a love for it and now I’m gearing more toward Christian
DJing and enjoying it! Because they are in the same fields it’s fun to exercise both
talents, but I would have to say I’m probably a lyricist first.

Is it hard to balance the two?

Dj Miss Eclectic
Scheduling wise it’s a little hard but my group mate, shout out Vet, is
very supportive of my DJ career as well so it’s not too bad. Like I said earlier, the good
thing is that they are in the same field. So there have been a few times where I have DJ’d
at the same event where we had to sing.

Yeah shout out 2 Vet! Who would you say are your dj influences and your mc influences? Who
are individuals who made you say…”Dang I wanna do that!”.

Dj Miss Eclectic
A few of my DJ influences would have to be DJ Spinderella, love her, since she paved the
way for a lot of female DJs, DJ Official, love what he has done in Christian music, and my
mentor in San Antonio DJ Mix (Charles Sloan). As far as MCs, Absolutely love Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, and Missy Elliott! They are secular artists but they had/have substance in their songs and their delivery is crazy! I love Missy Elliott’s style! I guess I sound like MC Lyte, because I’m compared to her often Lol, but growing up I never thought I did!

At first I thought you had said Dj Spinna not Spinderella lol Dj Official is one of the
greats mos def and big ups 2 your mentor. I agree on what you said about em female mc’s,
those are legends! It kinda sucks that you dont see female mc’s often on a grand scale both
mainstream hip hop or christian hip hop. Shout out 2 all em female mc’s! Who have you
worked with or performed along side with on the one’s and two’s?

Dj Miss Eclectic
I don’t know DJ Spinna, but shout out to him! I totally agree, I wish there were Female
MCs on the mainstream platform in both genres as well. Hopefully a change is coming soon
because there is some phenomenal talent out there! As a DJ some of the artist I have shared the stage with are Floetry, Bizzle, Isaac Carree…Those were all great experiences and recently SXSW was an amazing experience to be on the stage with Jor’dan Armstrong among many other great artist at Inside Gospel and then at the Producer Showcase with all the phenomenal producers, and definitely Marv!

Nice, yeah…Lord knows I wanted to go so bad to the Showcase but Lord willing I’ll make it
next year! What do you use in terms of equipment to dj?

Dj Miss Eclectic
Speak it into existence! I use the DDJ-SR Pioneer DJ Controller and I use a Numark M2 mixer
sometimes along with it depending on the event. I absolutely love the Pioneer Controller,
I’ve had others but it has been the best so far…I use Serato DJ software.

Take us through the process of prepping for an actual event and creating a mix for
something to jam to on soundcloud or what have you….how do you go about doing that?

Dj Miss Eclectic
It all starts with the type of event it is, whether it’s lowkey/mello or hype! Then I pray
on it, and get my mindset ready for the event and go into a selection process of the music
I want to spin. I like to go out and find new music, independent artist and mix them with
mainstream artist. I also like to mix a little old school with new school, so everyone can
enjoy the event. I like to rock the crowd, and see people enjoying themselves, whether it’s
standing up with your hands up, or tapping your feet. I’m learning everyday
that it takes a lot of time and a lot practice to get the music just right for an event or
mix. And a lot patience which I’m still praying and working on!

I believe that if your in a space where youre expressing yourself in a creative way, you
would wanna work with other folk. Is there anyone in particular you wish to do a set with
or would like to lay scratches for on a track?

Dj Miss Eclectic
Definitely! Collabing is great, Let’s see I would love to work with Kierra Sheard, Canton
Jones, of course Lecrae (who wouldn’t)! All of 116 is great, Mary Mary…. There’s
probably too many to name Lol. My name is Eclectic because I love so many genres of music
so I probably could go on that question all day!

Yeah lol I think anyone list would be long aha wether they are djs, producers, mc’s etc. As
someone who has been at it for a while now rapping and djing, what advice would you give to
aspiring djs or mcs?

Dj Miss Eclectic
I would say first off make sure you are in God’s will and ask God to guide your footsteps
and I know that doors will be opened using your gifts for God’s glory. I would also say
practice is key – perfecting your gift, networking is key, and be yourself!
I’m talking to myself too…

Alrighty, lastly..whats in store for Dj Miss Eclectic….whats in the agenda for the

Dj Miss Eclectic
Whatever God has in store for me! He has really been opening a lot of doors this year, so
we shall see what the future brings. I’m just walking behind him smile emoticon I know I
want to work on a full mixtape and look forward to working on a new single with my group
F.R.E.E. Really just continuing to DJ and MC and hopefully it will become a full time
career! And as always, I hope I touch somebody along the way the message of Christ.

Amen 2 that! Alrighty Miss Eclectic thanks for taking the time to do this! Grace and peace!
Lemme know when the album of your group drops! #NeedThatPreorder

Dj Miss Eclectic
Thank you so much for having me Omar! I enjoyed it! And you are def on for the pre order! I
got you Lol! Blessings to you!


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