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Interview With Dj Serve1


What’s good Victor! Thanks for taking the time to chop it up with me. Could you introduce
yourself to who may be reading this? Who is Victor Alvarez and what does he do?

Dj Serve1
Sup my brother? My name is Victor Alavrez aka Dj Serve1. I am a turntablelist aka
tablelist…Im a dj. Some think a dj is just a person pressing buttons, I do more than
press a button, I do beat juggling, I do scratching and Im into the battle scene…so Im a
real dj in hip hop and in the hip hop culture. Im a real dj…I dont just press buttons.

I mos def feel when you say I don’t just press buttons. DJs nowadays just stand in front of
a computer and let the program run the show. How did you get into dj’ing and how long have
you been doing it for?

Dj Serve1
How did I get into dj’ing? My whole life…I was born a dj…I was born with a turntable in
my hand basicly. When I was little, I used to record off the tapedecks…used to record the
radio. Whenever they played good songs, I used to record off the tapedecks…you could get
or buy the tapes from the dollar store or from Target and you could record off the tapes. I
would record and make my own mixes from it. During Limewire days I used to download all the
music nobody had and the music everyone had…and then play it at my house and show my
older brothers and sisters and say I got the new so and so and I used to blast it and have
windows open so the people outside can hear my mixes.

Man, the tape deck days really can date someone now and take ya back. I was good with
Limewire and stuff like Kazaa until they started messing up your computers. Crazy to know
it started that early for you. How did the name of Dj ServeOne come to be and who have you
worked with?

Dj Serve1
Yeah thats crazy, back in the days man it really shows where I come from…as far as dj’ing
is concerned..but where the name Dj Servone come from? It came from one of my homies…my
homie Wax Poetic. I rememeber back in Milwaukee Wisconsin, I remember when I needed a place
to stay he openened the door for me…because at the time I was homeless. I would stay
there for a couple of months…I believe that was back in 2008. He needed help cleaning up
his studio out and I ended up cleaning the whole place and I also help em paint it. He was
like man I love your heart man your a servant, Im going to give you the name Dj Serveone.
So since then it just stuck with me you know?

At the time it was the basement I was cleaning and he noticed that I like to serve…I
never said it but I like helping people out. So then name stuck with me ever since…and I
used to pray about it because I wanted a name or nickname but I never knew what name to
choose but that one just stuck with me. I earned the name, I never named myself…I got a
badge for it and everything you know…street credit.

That crazy man, but thanks be to God you aren’t in that position anymore being homeless. I
bet that studio was nasty…like literally lol aha jk. Who have worked with?

Dj Serve1
As far as artists is concerned, Ive never worked with any artist or put out a project out
with one. Ive worked with artists behind the scenes…I would help being the ear and other
things with local artists in my city…but at the same time, I never necessarily put my own
stuff out. I was suposed to be on Krs-One’s son’s mixtape but that didnt go through. This
summer I am going on a tour with Krs-One and his son to Europe…thats gonna bring a lot of
opportunities and I have been building relationships with legendary dj’s as well so
hopefully something comes from it.

Wow Krs One? That’s dope, how would you with the artists behind the scenes? Also, how do
you navigate within the mainstream being a believer? Is there any opposition, weird or
funny things that happen? Would you say there opportunities to share the gospel in those

Dj Serve1
I would work with artists being there, being present and giving em ideas on what they wanna
do…or if they already got a song I would be there…just to see it and I was still
learning at the time…so just being them for experience. I would also give em my
knowledge, points or wisdom if they are willing to except it so thats how I would help out.

Navigate as a believer in the mainstream? I would say be real, be yourself and show fruit.
Build relationships with individuals and just be real wit em. People wanna see
realness…its not about who you are its about what you do. When people see…real
recognize real they gonna say “Oh he is a real dude, he cares about me, he listens to my
issues and he was there for me, hes not about just the music”…because some people dont
care about you man, some people never people to care about em. Be the light…be an
example…just be real about…I know it may sound cliche but its true. People want God but
they dont know how to get to em…and whats where we come into place.

Is there opportunities to share the gospel? Yes there is…theres always an opportunity.
When you at your job, when you go outside or go to the store…thats mainstream. I dont
limit myself to Christianity….only Christian this…only Christian that…no. The gospel
must be preached everywhere in the world the bible says…we were called to make
disciples…the great commission. We were called to do that for His namesake…because He
is coming back. Let them see your life and when ever opposition comes, let them see how you
react…real recognize real. At the end of the day, were all human beings…the difference
is we put titles on people and make em look bigger when they’re really not.

Mos def man. So I know you eluded to messing around with some equipment while you were
younger. What’s in your arsenal now?

Dj Serve1
Equipment? haha….glad you asked that question. I used to have a Vestex battle
mixer…Vestex…its a namebrand…battle mixer. Unfortunately they dont make things
anymore…their not around..they dead now. I still have a battle mixer but now I have a
Tracktor Kontrol Z2…it is an amazing mixer…it has a lot of new features then most
mixers. It has an Enofader, its one of the best faders you can have as a dj. For me it
works best for me…I can do a lot…my shows are better because I can perform well and I
dont have to be on my computer as much. Dont have to be clicking stuff round I can just use
everything off the mixer.

I use Ortofon needles…Ornafold is a namebrand. Good for scratching…I also got two
Techniques 1200’s…turntables. When people say Dj so and so on the one’s and two’s its for
techniques 1200’s…you the term…you know one and two. So whe people be like ama be on
the one’s and two’s and they dont got the techniques 1200’s I be like bro you gotta stop
lying…aha nah Im just playing. I believe it was Dj Grandmasterflash came up with the
term…I believe it was him or somebody else but yeah.

That’s a whole wack of stuff I’m somewhat familiar and I never knew how that term came
about! When your at shows or just practicing scratching, how do you go about making a set
or a mix? Do you pick a mix of songs from two different time and blend em or there a
specific process you follow…

Dj Serve1
I would pray hard…and after I pray I would be lead by the vibes or what Im feeling.
Sometimes its new mixed with old or old mixed wit new…sometimes its old or its new…it
all depends on how Im feeling and how Im vibing at the moment. I cant just go or do a set
on the spot…I always gotta be in prayer because when I go up there and perform I believe
I am ministering. I believe people get touched so I want people to get ministered…not
just me talking about Jesus but when Im performing so people be like whoa what is this. It
all depends on how Im feeling…

Always good to be lead by God. Is there any artist you wish to work in particular?

Dj Serve1
I would like to see Lecrae and Krs-One collab on a track and talk about real issues…like
they always do. I wanna see em collab, Lord willing if they get together…I can work with
them together but yeah thats what I wanna see. My bigest prayer is that hip hop would see
the truth for what it is instead of the lies its been taught…thats what I wanna see.

Krs-One and Lecrae……that would be one for the record books lol what’s in store for you
in the future Serve Uno?

Dj Serve1
I wish to travel the world and make this my career for the Lord…Im also an upcoming
battle dj and Im trying to get myself into that culture.

Alrigty Serve One thanks again for busting it up wit me. God bless! Gracia y Paz!

Dj Serve1
Your welcome brother.


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