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Interview With J-Dot


Sup wit it Joshua? Thanks for taking the time to do this!

You already know man! Thanks for having me.

Could you introduce yourself to the folks who may be reading this? Who
is Joshua Heath and what does he do?

Well I’m Joshua Heath. Right now I’m going by J-Dot Music for production
until i find something that sticks. Lol. I’m a believer, musician, and
student. I have been playing music all my life and have been producing
since I was 13, got serious about it when I was 16.

How did you get into making beats?

One of my friends (Evan Ford what’s good doc??) got me into after his
dad had a studio. They had Pro Tools and Reason so they got me into
Reason. On my 13th birthday I got Reason for myself, and it’s been trial
and error on the beats until I got good around 15.

I bet at that time it was real intimidating to learn all those daws, cuz
reason and pro tools aint no joke! Rack be scaring people lol is that
what you have in your current arsenal still? What do you use in the stu?

Man!!! I still use Reason. It’s not difficult at all once you get past
deleting the racks and plugins it’s really easy. I also use the Maschine
and Pro Tools to mix and we have to use it my school.

Word? You going to school for music production? You aint got no hardware
like a piano or synthesizer?

No synth but I use a 64 keyboard as a controller. I go to Temple
University for audio production.

Dope! What made you want to enroll into something like that?

It’s always something I’ve been interested in. I already know how to
make beats, but it’s now a matter of mixing, mastering and engineering.

Oh so more the post production stuff I got you……so with a descent
amount of years I bet you have worked with a good chunk of folks….whom
have you worked with?

Phanatik from Cross Movement, Eshon Burgundy, Kareem Manuel and Decipha,
Kay Sade and KnuOrigen (Out of the Blue), Stephen Brindle, Swinn DA
Example, Joey Waters, Poetre, Daarinah, Jay Rhodan, and several other
local artists in Philly/Jersey where I live and Denver where I used to

Well then ahahah lol I’d be geeked or walk a little taller if I worked
with an OG like Phanatik and with them folks who you have under your
belt or resume. What’s your process in the studio? How do you go about
making beats?

I normally start off with the melody first whether that be a sample or
me playing out the melody. Then I’ll do my drums next to play around the
melody, then I’ll add extra parts like leads, pads, and organs, etc. And
then I do the bass line last or close to last do it can match the kick
or the feel of the drums…75% of the beats I make, the bass line is
normally live unless I’m doing a futuristic trap beat or a book bap beat
that needs a punchy sub or something like that.

Gotchu gotchu there’s always that delimma lol drums or melodies first
Its dope to have worked with people who are from your area, Philly has
always been strong in terms of talent…is there any artists you wish to
or would like to work with?

Its always gotta be the melody first for me. That’s how I tune the
snare. Lol


J. Murph
P.A.T. Junior
J. Givens
The Grays/Brays (Christon, Taelor, KAMBino)
Jered Sanders,
Jeremiah Bligen
And VERY wishful thinking but Swoope. I’ve had a feel respect for his
production and artistry. I also wanted to work with Sho Baraka and Duece
(The Ambassador) but their projects are finished…and for the females I
want to work with Lee Mo, Ravyn Lenae, Jackie Hill Perry, and Mahogany

That’s a dope list! Lol Jered Sanders, Swoope and Amba got me real
hype and excited with what they’re working on. Shout out to all em
artists doe…what’s in store for ya in the future? Could you share some

In the future I’m definitely gonna have some songs lined up with my
brother Jay Rhodan with me on the bass. Of course tracks with other
artists that I can’t say yet. In gonna be working with Poetre soon on
his album, and I want to do a collab project with a dope artist either
nobody is peeping, or that can fit over my tracks perfectly because it’s
very eclectic at times and definitely musical and minimalist.

Nuggets for producers.

1.You don’t have to go big on your sound all the time. Think like the
artist you have in mind when making a track and try to build around
that. Less is definitely more.

2. Try EVERY genre of hip hop even if it’s trash learn everything so you
don’t become too one dimensional.

3. LEARN HOW TO MIX YOU TRACKS. Mix as you go along, look at tips on
YouTube, or if you’re a student like me take classes on it if you need
to. But a bad mix can kill a great song.

4. After your first big placement, remember that God gave you that
opportunity, and it can be taken away at any time, so do everything for
Him with greatness and excellence, but always remember to stay humble.

5. BE PATIENT both with the traffic of when you sell a beat, and with
the artists that might take a long time to release a song you made.

The last thing I have is to be yourself with your production style, but
don’t get too focused on doing a certain trend because it’s the new
wave. You know what waves do? They crash. And then another one comes
through. Make something that you can play 5-10 years down the line and
it can still be hot.

Alrighty J-Dot thanks for getting with me. Shout to the folks in
Illadelph! Shout outs J? Let the people know!

Shoutout to Mac from Everyday Process, the homie Robin Williams Jr for
helping me take production to the next level. Shoutout to John McNeil
from 42North for telling me to keep my Fender bass for that classic feel
(It got me a placement). Shoutout to Pat Junior for helping me with
mixing ideas. And shoutout to Proxy for helping me with the legal side
of things in making sure I get registered through ASCAP and all that.
And of course my mom, dad, Philly fam, Jersey fam, Detroit fam and
church fam. And shoutout to Marv and you for doing this. I’ve been
reading these since I was 14 and I’m 21 now so it seems surreal on the

Same here bruh lol to be doing interviews or actively participating in
providing content to this site lol Good Lord….

And shoutout to my Professor at Temple and fellow artist Timothy
Welbeck. Been instrumental in this process.
Anyone what I forgot shoutout to then too! Lol



Instagram: j_dotmusic4

Twitter: @J_DotMusic4


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