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Interview With Jeremy Rodney Hall


Yo Q! Nah wait…Jeremy Rodney Hall! Whats
good! Thanks for taking the time to do this!

No problem man how are you? Thanks for
having me.

Doing good bro, dont know bout you but in
LO we starting to get snow lol hows everything in TDot? Also…could you
introduce yourself to whom may be reading this…who is Jeremy Rodney Hall and what
does he do?

Yeah! Right now I am in Edmonton City, another province in Canada. Moved out from
Toronto in September to be on my own and take care of myself πŸ™‚ Who I am right now is a producer now artist trying to constantly improve my music and give God the glory through everything.

Word! How did you get into producing and
making beats? You started when again…

I got into making music around 2011! At my first my main goal was to make a small
sequence that I liked but it was really hard to so after making something I would
delete it and try again. I struggled for a few months and then one day things finally
clicked made my first beat which was called delicious! I still have it actually πŸ™‚

I think it would be hard for producers to keep their early work….because its your
early work its most likely em beats dont sound the greatest lol…since 2011 whom
have you worked with?

Ah to me…from that first beat I have most of my early work its actually still online
on my bandcamp page. I think keeping a lot of it has been good for me to keep track of
growth through the years. I didnt start working with anyone until 2013 when I met Orijin and we collaborated for a year or so.

True that…and just Orijin? lol youre name
is synonymous with a lot folks within the
GTA….Dru Bex, Shope, Charlene Nash if Im
not mistaken…

Yeah after working with Orijin I started slowly being connected with Shope and Dru
Bex. Charlene and I started working together near the end of 2014 when I met
her at a concert for Role Model Records. Since then we have been close

Also Ive been working closely with Dru Bex and Adam Pondang…Love working with those
guys because we all have so many ideas and are open minded to new ways of approaching

Shout outs 2 all em artists and folks! If Im not mistaken you have also made music
with artists outside of TDot as well…what is in your arsenal in the studio? You
working with an asr-10…Pro Tools….what are the tools youre working with to create?

Yeah man I cant remember them all at the moment but I worked with S.O. one time that
was cool…and right now its just Ableton Live 9 thats my go to bread and butter all
day sandwich.

No midi controllers like an akai mpd or m-
audio keyboard?…What is your process in
the stu? Before youre locked in to create
do you need youre coffee…candles lit or
some kinda studio ritual lol

Nah I just sit down and make music Ive had the same keyboard from when I started
making music to this day. To me ideas come when you sit down and experiment. Not even
like your trying to make a beat but thinking…Hey how about trying these
drums…Ive never used and making something out of them. Or hey, how about these sounds
that Ive never touched before let me go through them. No ritual man just sitting
down to create!

Gotchu gotchu…are there any artists you
would like to or plan to work with?

The two artists I want to work with most
outside of my own thing would be Charlene
Nash and Dru Bex…Love working with those
two so much.

For real for real? Id feel like you would
wanna work with more people! C’mon bruh
theres gotta be more lol

Nah Im actually very much interested mainly working with those two people since I know
them well. I can sit in a room with them for weeks and be completely content making
music with them. I understand them and they understand me and my ideas. I also love
working with my best friend Orijin…he and I have connected since day one.

I love these 3 dearly and they are family to me honestly. Dru encourages me so much,
Charlene and I have gotten so close making Christian pop music essentially and Orijin
is just fam. I have no desire but to grow with these 3 for a very long time.

Gotchu gotchu…could you tell us about
your experience at the Rapzilla Beat Battle
a few years back…if Im not mistaken you
participated in the event right?

Yeah I did! For me the event was nice but I
didnt enjoy myself too much. I dont think
being in beat battles is for me…but it
was nice being able to meet new people.

Ah icic…what can we expect from you in
the future J? Could we get a nugget of
whats to come?

Hm…coming is just more new music from Dru
Bex, Charlene and myself! Thats all I can

Orale…well J thank you for youre time…I
appreciate it! Big ups 2 Jermaine Wall,
Dwayne Johnson, Dru Bex…the Role Model
Records folks…artists putting in work
from TDot like Rod Purpose and Charlene
Nash…any shout outs Jeremy? Let the folks

Shout out to my mother and father for
raising me well, showing me music then
helping me to graduate. Shout out to
Jermaine Wall for being my big brother.



Instagram: @jeremyrodneyhall

Soundcloud: Jeremy Rodney-HallΒ 


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