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Interview With Mike “Verse” Mills

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What up Mike! God bless compadre! Thanks for taking the time to do
the interview!

Mike Mills
It’s definitely my pleasure. This opportunity is a blessing.

Could you introduce yourself to whom ever may be reading this? Who
is Mike Mills and what does he do?

Mike Mills
My government name is Mike Mills. My nickname is Verse. My
superpowers are amazing.I fight crime in the city of Lakeland,
Florida… no, really. I am the owner of Anamorphic Music (record
label) and Snack Bar Sounds Studio (recording and engineering). I
love Jesus Christ!

DOPE! Where can I cop a cape? lol aha jokes. How did you get into
being an engineer and owning a label?

Mike Mills
Well Omar… I only get a cape. I stopped performing hip-hop in
March of 2007 to pursue all of the behind-the-scenes aspects of
music. I started studying on how to run a label in 2002. In 2007 I
started Snack Bar Productions and in 2008 it formed into Snack Bar
Sounds. In 2013 I started SBS Music Label with a couple of artists.
In February 2016 I started Anamorphic Music and now our roster
consists of A.O.N, SYD, Swinn Da Example, and DJ OneNine.

Word, it looks like there was time of growth and study having a
decade almost of just getting to know the ins and outs of the
industry. Whom have you had the pleasure to work with as an

Mike Mills
Oh man… long list thank God. I have worked with some pretty
fantastic artists over the last 20 years. A few would be KB, Seckond
Chaynce, k-Drama, D-MAUB, La Familia Muzik, Ryan Horton (Isreal
Houghton & New Breed), and quite a few others.
Can’t forget Sicily and all of the artists on Anamorphic Music as
well, duh.

Word, any memorable or favourite times in the studio working with
anyone in particular?

Mike Mills
I would have to say that having the opportunity to track KB and
Seckond Chaynce’s vocals for DJ Official’s “Entermission” project
was very special to me. R.I.P. DJ Official. I looked up to Fish a

Man…..thats crazy….REST IN PEACE NELSON CHU!!! Man Im missing
him on these records man…smh but truly that is something special.
What do you use to work as an engineer in the studio?

Mike Mills
I’m a Pro Tools guy for life. I’ve been working with Pro Tools since
I was a baby (in the womb). It was called Sound Tools back then. I
use an original Blacklion modded Digidesign MBox2. I have used
several different mics, but my favorite mic right now is the Blue
Mics Bluebird. It works on EVERYTHING! As far as plug-ins, I use the
stock Digirack stuff a lot. I also use the AIR stuff a lot. Last,
but not least, I use the Waves Complete 9 bundle A LOT!

Whats youre process in the studio? There a specific mood you gotta
be in order to work? Walk us through it….

Mike Mills
If I’m working alone on a mix, master, or making a beat: I sit, I
pray, I work. If I’m working with someone in the studio: I sit, we
pray, we work, we have fun.

Dope! Is there anyone in particular you would like to work with? I
know it may be different being an engineer but who would like to get
busy with in the studio on the more technical side mixing and

Mike Mills
For engineering: Chris Lord-Alge and Dave Pensado. I just want to
sit there and have my mind blown with their genius. For production:
Dr. Dre. Just because I want to… and I have a cape.

Haaaaaaaa! lol nice aha what can we expect from you the future
Verse? What are some nuggets you can share?

Mike Mills
Obviously I can’t fight crime anymore since I blew my cover in this
interview. Well… my main focus is to do everything I do in the
excellence of how God wants it done. I know that’s a pretty broad
statement, but that mindset has kept me around for 25 years in the

I feel you man and aint nothing wrong with that! Excellence for His
Majesty like Sho Baraka said! Alright Verse! Thanks for taking the
time I appreciate it! Any folks you want to shout out? LET EM KNOW!
Gracia y paz!

Mike Mills
My wife Lora (#HeartGangsta), my kids, hi mom, my granddaughter, my
dog Rocko, my cat Vegas, and my elephant Gus (don’t ask) and
Marv4MoBeats. Much love to everyone I’ve worked with and those I’m
working with now. Can we go in the future so I can see who I work
with next???

Man ama need to borrow that machine you have lol and I wanna see as
well! lol PEACE!

Mike Mills
What machine? You can borrow it now if you want???!!!



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