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Interview With CLifeOnTheBeat



Whats going on Norman, again man thanks so much for making the time
to do this! Could you introduce yourself to the good folks who may
be reading this…who is Norman Michael and what does he do?

Well first let me start by saying thank you for the opportunity,
To answer the question, Norman Michael is the artist, but I also go
by Clifeonthebeat.
Clifeonthebeat is the producer…

Word so youre both an artist and producer huh? Dope, how long have
you been producing for?

Yeah I do more producing than artist Work, and I have been producing
for about 11 years
First album I produced on came out in 2007 and I never looked back

How did you start making beats and what was the album you were
featured on in 2007?

I started making beats back in high school at the time I had fruity
loops 3 which a friend let me borrow and for a full summer all I did
everyday is get up and make music, and the first album was by an
artist named D.King – Blood Certified was the album…

Word FL Studio 3 lol I started on FL 7 and we got what….FL 13 or
something now ahaha must of been in the early 2000’s. Thats dope
shout out 2 D. King…
What was the thing that made you wanna make tracks and who would you
say are your influences?

Yeah man that version of Fl studio was released back in like 2003 it
was 06 when I started making the beats lol, but what got me started.
Was I wanted to be a rapper, I couldn’t pay for beats back then so I
started making them on my own
Oh my influences polow da don, The Neptune’s, lil Jon, of course
those are the old school producers. But now days I just listen to
music I like and use those influences

Gotchu, since 06′ whom have you been fortunate enough to work with
within CHH and what do you use to make beats? Whats in your arsenal?

Oh man !! This list includes
D.King Blood Certified/When the storm hits/Still Certified
GS/That Real Talk 2/ Committed/Win Souls Or Die Trying 2/
Bizzle Crowns And Crosses
D-Maub The Missing Peace
RSwift Apply Pressure
Brinson Omg
Erica mason
Uncle Reece
Big fil
Speez Let Me Introduce Myself
Bumps Inf Man vs Machine
Datin The Menace Mixtape

And arsenal is an akai Max 49/Presonus Studio 192 mobile/ UA Twin
Finity 710/hp envy laptop and Krk rokits 5

Dope dope, I had no idea you had such a big catelouge of work!
Faithful Krks doe! In terms of working in the studio, what is you

Some days I go In sit down listen to some worship music before I
start other days I go in listen to some artist that I may want to
produce for. Listen to the style of what is playing and then get to
And yeah the Krk’s are faithful is about time to upgrade them though

Yeah man Id love to get these Yamaha ones I forgot what they are
called but they look good! Are there any artist you plan to or would
like to work with and what is in store in the future for C-Life?

Man to be honest I got some stuff in the works currently, but I
would love to work with Reach and RMG that’s the goal this year.

Word I hope you do! Be dope to hear you with those artists! Alright
C-Life, thanks again for taking the time! If you can, drop a gem for
those aspiring producers who may be reading this and if you got any
shout outs, let the people know!!!

Oh man shot out to the home team they know who they are shout out to
my wife for being patient with me on this journey, word of advice is
don’t ever feel like you have made it, stay humble and stay hungry
Thanks again for the opportunity much love to you guys.



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Twitter: @Clifeonthebeat

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