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Interview With Deeonthetrack


Yo DeeOnTheTrack! Whats happening! Thanks for taking the time!

Its a pleasure and humbled that you guys reached out.

Can you introduce yourself to the readers? Who is DeeOnTheTrack and
what does he do?

Sure thing…well I go by Dee-on-the-track…lol..sometimes people
get that mixed up but Iam a producer been doing it for almost 8ys

Yeah man if Im not mistaken you had tracks on the first Future
album right? I think Future goes by Tony Stark again if Im not
mistaken but you been in the game for a minuto…

Wow!…thats dope you remembered that but yeah I produced “Do Him”
ft Flame off Wake Up Call..Future well Tory Starks has always looked
out for me and we work good together
Yeah I been doing it for a minute but the crazy thing is that Im
still growing

Yeah man I remember lol Im a student of the game lol thats dope, how
did you get into making beats?

Lol…dope…but sense I can remember I had sticks in my hand and
occasionally play the keyboard at church so i was a musician first
and Json joined our church and we would just do life together so he
would take me over to SoHot Studio’s (Courtney Orlando and Nab) and
I would watch them guys just go in..they had mpc, motifs etc….and
I was like I want to do that and from that point on its been ON..lol

Dawg lol smh to have witnessed em in the studio?! PPPPPSSSSHHHHH!!!!
lol Big ups 2 J.R., had the pleasure of meeting em during this years
Showcase Producer Conference. Big ups 2 Nab!

Yeah man them guys are legends in my eyes…Nab took me under his
wing for a while and still gives me tips…and Me and JR now
Courtney Orlando work together hopefully some of our work will land
soon but its just so dope to see them guys give back…Im grateful

Yo same! I was stupid crazy nervous to have played beats in front
legends like J.R., Malex, Marv4MoBeats and Kadence at the conference
and they all gave me some nuggets 2. We gotta pay it forward…
So we know you were brought up with some legends of the game and
great artists whom have you worked with since that time you were in
the stu with J.R. and J’Son?

So sense that time ive worked with…Json, Tory Starks (Future),
Flame, Derrick Minor, Cannon, Bumps, Thisl, KB, my guy T-Word…if I
missed anybody charge it to my head not my heart

lol what do you use to create in the stu?

Fl Studio

#FLGang lol any midi controllers, drum machines or other kinds of
hardware in your work space?

Gang gang gang…lol…yes I use akai advance 49…I love it

Dope! Whats your process in creating a track ? You need to feel a
certain vibe? Need coffee when youre creating or go through some
kinda studio ritual? lol

Most of the time i just create off the mood that im in…so if im
feeling kind of somber i will turn the lights out are if im feeling
hyped i just go straight in for the kill..lol..I have some lights in
the studio that move to the beat and change colors that give it a
real good vibe

Nice nice….

I also love to have candy in the studio.starburst..skittles are my

ahahahah first one to admit they have food in the stu!

Lol..got to

You ever had a time where you ate a good chunk it disturbed you from
working lol be taking up plates and everything ahaha

Lol.. bruh

Anyways lol one thing I gotta ask is….are we getting to a point
were maybe mentoring or studying the people who came before you is
becoming irrelevant? From mainstream hip hop to christian hip hop
its like a vault now where anyone can go back if they want to and
learn from those who came before and laid a foundation….
whats youre perspective on that, specially since you were around
great artists and musicians since day one….

I can definitely see that but I can only speak from my
perspective…I welcome it bro because experience is the best
teacher alot of stuff others went through I didnt because I welcome
to be taught by others..I would have been a fool if I didnt seat
down with Nab and let him school me..the dope thing is most of these
guys are open to it you just have to make your available. I think
big that plays into that thinking tho is guys want to have that “I
made it on my own” bragging right but if you listen to most of the
great producers they always point back to the people that got them

Gotchu gotchu….Interesting man, with that said what can we expect
from you in the future? Could you share some nuggets? Also whats up
next for the DH squad?

Im always working man..so you can expect some stuff on Thisl
upcoming project and KB’s Tempo on his his upcoming project..and a
few others if they pan out…Yeah DH the squad man them my brothers
and were actually gearing up to release a single soon like
SOON!…LOL and were back in the lab working on another Ep

Man lol smh we need an album bruh!!! An album!!! Gimme that
preorder! Ahaha

Lol.im going to see what I can do for you bro..lol

Aha before I let you go, what is some advice or things you can say
to the aspiring producer who may be reading this?…

I would say stay humble and work hard, as a producer you must have
tuff skin beacuse you will hear the word NO alot, this is not for
the faint at heart..lol..and I want to give a s/o to Marv Ive been
following his work and what he is doing for some time now..dude is a
beast and much respect to him

Word! Yeah man Marv’s a legend 2 like J.R., T Stone and more. Thanks
D for youre time! Appreciate it! Any other folks you wanna shout
out?! Let em know!!!

Yeah s/o to my family (wife and kids) they let me steal away time to
make music also im grateful to anyone who has allowed me to work
with them..and thank you.



Instagram: DeeOnTheTrack

Twitter: @deeonthetrack

Facebook: DeeOnTheTrack

Website: www.deegocrazy.com


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