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Interview With Engineer Kyren Monteiro




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Marv4mobeats.com is gearing up to adding more content to the site. Not only will this website have a spot for producers and dj’s to dialog but also a place where Audio Engineers can powwow. To start things off in this section, we interview Indiana native Kyren Monteiro…


Whats good Kyren! Thanks for taking the time to do this interview!

Hey man pleasure! It’s definitely a honor to do so.

Could you introduce yourself towards the readers? Who are you and what do you do?

Yeah man for sure. My name is Kyren Monteiro, I’m a professional audio engineer who
specializes in mastering services and also mixing services. I’ve done work for many
independent and major artists including; KB of Reach Records, Humble Beast Records, Serge, Fedel,
True Foundation of Capital Records and many others.

How long have you been mixing and mastering projects?

I started working on projects in 2005. It got more serious in 2008.

Could you tell us the importance of excellent mixing and mastering services and the state
of it in the christian hip hop genre?

Most certainly…quality mixing and mastering is needed in any genre of music. In Christian
hip hop I find that this is really a struggle for a lot of independent artists for two main

1)-They can’t afford it.

2)- They really don’t care of take it that seriously.

…now obviously your people at the top of the pyramid like Reach Records, Reflection Music
Group, Collision Records, Clear Sight Music, Lamp Mode Recordings..etc have always had
great sounding music releases sonically speaking, but the middle and bottom of the pyramid
of christian hip hop is really starting to take it seriously. Without audio engineers,
albums wouldn’t exist! They wouldn’t impact the fans of the music the way they do! I feel
like Christian hip hop has improved on so many things like music producers, rappers
actually being good, videos, artwork, shows, image etc…but I think without audio
engineering it is still suffering and needs to be improved when compared to the industry sound. Hopefully I can help do my part!

I mos def agree with what you said. What do you use to mix and master projects?

Ahh now were trying to reveal secrets! lol I use a combination of both analog gear and
digital gear. Sometimes deadlines are so short that analog gear isn’t brought into the
equation so I’ll do everything completely digital. I really love the plugins that IK
Multimedia and iZotope make! These companies are truly amazing in my opinion. Waves does of
course. There’s also a boutique company named Plug and Mix (www.plugandmix.com) that make
extremely affordable plugins that incredible but no matter what kind of toys are in my
studio the most important things are my monitors and the room they’re being used in!
Everything I do as an audio engineer is based off what I am hearing. So I want very
accurate monitors and my room to be treated so that I can accurately make the right
decision. My main monitors of choice are the VXT8s by KRK. Incredible monitors for any
price point!

Describe your process in the studio working with all these tracks and stems etc…

In terms of a mixing session, before any session is created I’ll take a listen to the
reference mix sent by the client. This will tell me a lot about the song and whats really
important to them. I’ll take notes on what stands out to me then proceed t setting up the
session. When I set up a session I’ll go through and organize it and label everything how I
like it. I’ll put all the drums first, then bass or 808s, then instruments, then vocals
etc..I like for my drums to be in red, bass or 808s in orange, instruments in different
types of greens, vocals in different types of yellows. The first technique I do after all
the setup stuff is out the way is gain stage. This is so important and vital to a great
sounding mix! Then I begin to start the heavy lifting process of mixing. I normally start
with the drums first, then bring the bass or 808s in. Once I get those working right
together Ill bring the vocals in, then the rest of the remaining instruments in the song.
I’ll work until I feel it’s right. Normally is a 4-6 hour process.

In terms of mastering Ill set up all the songs in the order of the album according to the
track list. I’ll make sure all the spelling of the songs are right, all the cd text, data,
etc. Then I just dive right in after set up. Ill gain stage, do all the sonic enhancements
and corrections that are needed, make sure spacing and fades feel right, noise is removed
etc. Then prepare for distribution.

It’s a lengthy process. What can we expect from you in the future?

I want to continue to help the Christian hip hop community grow in quality. I also have new
partnerships being developed. My company Engage Records is being rebuilt to help out
independent artists. It’ll be some very valuable services! For audio engineering people can
contact us at: www.kyrenmonteiro.com and email us at info@kyrenmontiero.com. Shout out to my big bro and mentor IsRael Musiq for supporting me and teaching me so much! Love that dude!!

Best of luck Kyren! Thanks for chopping it up with me!

Vice versa! Appreciate the contribution and effort you guys put forward!

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