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Interview With Geeda





Marv Geeda what up dude!

Geeda Man just chilling fam.

Marv No doubt bruh. It’s been a minute since we talked. For those who may not be familiar with Geeda, can you tell the readers who you are and what you do?

Geeda No doubt I’m a producer out of Chicago. I have been producing for 9 years. I have been on the CHH scene for a good 6 yrs.

Marv Can you tell the readers who you’ve worked with?

Yes I have worked with Lecrae, Tedashii, K.B, Derrick Minor, Thisl, Da Truth, Vik, Fedel, Flame and many more I don’t remember at this moment.

Marv No doubt. I’ve been hearing some of your recent work with Fedel. You have pretty much became the Chiraq – traplord producer in the genre. Was that the lane you were going for or just kinda happened?

Geeda Lol yeah I love trap tracks but in CHH a lot of peoples don’t really do it anymore. Me and Fedel loves that sound so when we got together it was like a perfect fit. We were both able to do whats natural to us.

Marv Yeah bro ya’ll do great work together. Are you still doing music production full time?

Geeda Yeah bruh by the grace of God I’m still full time. It gets ruff sometimes tho lol.

Marv How many years now?

Geeda 8 years.

Marv How are you staying relevant in the genre now that it is saturated with so many producers that are out now?

Geeda Man Its hard now. When I first came in it was only a handful of dope producers, now they every where. I just try to stay true to myself try new things production wise and just grind.

Marv What’s a day like for you in the studio. How many joints are knocking in a week these days?

Geeda Its up and down sometimes I can up with stuff sometimes I cant. When cranking I can do about 10 in a week nothing too crazy.

Marv Ok ok. What software and are you using these says?

Geeda I use Reason, Protools HD, far as soft synths I use nexus 2, Omnisphere2, Sylenth, Kontakt, and massive.
Marv So what’s the plan in the future?

Geeda I really don’t know. That’s what I have been thinking about recently. I have been thinking about doing something else and possibly hang it up in 6-10 months but we will see. For now just grind and expand as far as I can.

Marv No doubt. Any last words for the readers and how can they contact you for production?

Geeda Yeah thanks for the support I got mad love for ya’ll.If you need beats check out my site geedabeatz.com


Marv Any shout outs?

Geeda Yeah shout out to my fam and everybody that rock with me.

Marv No doubt fam. Thank you for taking the time out to chop it up with me.

Geeda  No prob Thank You for having me its always a pleasure.

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