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Interview With Newselph


What up Newselph! Thanks for getting wit me!

My man! Thanks for reaching out!

Could you introduce yourself to the readers? Who is Newselph and
what does he do?

For sure! I’m an MC and producer currently living in Beaumont,
Alberta, Canada with my wife and our daughter. I’ve been rhyming and
producing off and on for around 10 years, but have been doing so
seriously for the better part of the last 4 or 5.

We The North! That’s dope, shout out to you’re family and folks in
Beaumont. Run us through how you began rhyming and Producing?

Yes yes! Shouts to the Canadians for sure! I started rhyming and
producing as an experiment with an old friend of mine back in high
school, probably when I was 16 or 17. He and I both loved the art of
Hip Hop and started tagging while listening to some of our favourite
groups. Soon enough we figured we should try the music ourselves. As
artists and MC’s we went by “note2self”. Fast forward to when I was
in college, myself and 2 other friends formed a group, recorded a
CD, performed a few times, and as I started taking it more seriously
I started doing more and more. Somewhere in there I started making
beats regularly just for fun, and nowadays I find myself focussing a
lot more on being a producer and making great music for other

To the masses the only Canadian MCs folks may know is Aubrey Graham
and anyone relating to Toronto lol so its nice to hear we got hip
hop in other areas in the North 2. May I ask what happened to
Note2Self and if the transition to becoming a producer was a little
weird or difficult?

Haha definitely. There’s a few of us kicking around!
Note2self disbanded haha. We thought about taking music seriously as
a duo but we both ended up heading different directions in life, got
married, moved, etc. We’re still cool though, I grew up with him so
it’s always love!
The transition to becoming a producer was a pretty natural
progression for me actually. I loved Hip Hop music and I had to make
it! The only thing I wish I could do now is DJ. Maybe one day! haha

Yeah those two kind of go hand 2 hand lol although unfortunate its
just a natural progression 2
What sparked you into getting into production?

I guess a lack of what I wanted to listen to sparked my getting into
it. Maybe it was the guys I ended up being around, or the sound my
city gravitated towards, but I kept hearing a lot of the same type
of music being played, and being made, and I wanted there to be more
of what I liked. So I figured I’d try and make it myself.

With that said and with 10 years under youre belt being a creative,
whom have you had the pleasure to work with?

Not many honestly. Most of that 10 years has been me in my house or
my buddies house making beats for ourselves to listen to. Lately,
though, I’ve started seeking out artists to work with and have made
some music with Phanatik of The Cross Movement (whatup Brady!),
Eshon Burgundy, Cas Metah of the Scribbling Idiots, as well as some
forthcoming projects.

Forthcoming projects include an EP with Paradox, a couple unique
releases with Afaar (BlackBolt), Swinn Da Example, as well as
production on a few yet to be announced records.
I’m probably forgetting something, but yeah haha

Thats dope! What do you use to create in the studio?

We have instruments all over our apartment that get used from time
to time in my productions (including a Cello, electric guitar,
saxophone, & a keyboard). I primarily sample, though. I have a
couple Rokit 5’s, a UR22, an old Stanton turntable, an MPD, and an
Axiom25 I use periodically. For software, I bought a “used” copy of
Reason 5 from a dude on eBay! Lol

“Used” huh ahaha thats dope though? The might of vinyl still lives!
With those tools, walk us through how you go about making tracks…

I know right? “Used” made me laugh, but it was cheaper than buying
new & it works!


Yessir!! Haha
When making tracks, it’s changed over time.
I used to start with a sample I thought sounded like it could be
cool to use, but had no idea what I’d do with it until the beat was
done. That still happens periodically haha.

You’ll find me listening to records in my apartment while the wifey
and I are hanging around, or finding stuff on Apple Music to listen
to for inspiration while working. So I guess I still start with the
sample for the most part. I can usually hear what I’m gonna do in my
head. The difficulty is making it translate onto the pads.

Lately I’ve begun hearing a melody or a beat idea in my head and I
pull out the iPhone to record a voice memo of me beatboxing it or
something, and then I try and find a sample that works, or sit down
on the guitar or keyboard and try and figure out how to play what I
was hearing.

So real…

If I can’t figure it out, I have some real talented friends who come
through and make music with me. So lately I’ve had more original
compositions that I record and chop up. It’s been really fun

Theres nothing like having creatives in a studio environment!

My man. It’s the best!!

Are there any artists you want to or plan to working with in the

Oh man, there are lots of artists I’d like to work with. I had a
Facebook status a few months back that said “I want to be in
Deepspace5 when I grow up.” That’s so for real I can’t even stress
it any further!! haha
That being said, I’d love to with those guys. Manchild is in my top
5 for sure. I’ve been talking with a few of them for a minute now
though, so you might hear a DS5 rep on a newselph beat! Beyond that
I’d love to work with some more of the Cross Movement guys. I hope
to work with lots of the artists on Illect Recordings (big ups to
Josh!) too. The Lamp Mode cats… Lots of guys! haha
Outside of CHH, I hope to work with Shad someday too.
And lots more, I can’t think of them all haha.

Word, I just kinda found out a while back he is an MC form where Im
from lol

Yessir! He’s one of my favourites for sure. He’s a GREAT MC, his
live show is bananas too.
If thats the Shad youre talking about aha

Yeah right right lol alright Newselph, what can we expect from you
in the future? Could you share some nuggets?

Word up, for sure. Like I mentioned before, you can expect to see an
EP from Paradox and I, an EP and an LP from Afaar and I (who go by
The Late Entry), an EP from Swinn Da Example and I, and some other
stuff I probably can’t talk about yet haha. I hope to have a steady
stream of remixes, so keep an ear out for those too!

The Still-natik remix btw is fiya! Alright Newselph! Thanks for
chopping it up wit me! Any folks you wanna shout out? LET THE PEOPLE

Man, thank you! Shout out DJ Sean P for his cuts on the Still-Natik
remix, he straight killed it! Shout out to J.Dot for hooking you and
I up (he and I are working on some stuff too–oh boy, oh boy!).
Shoutout to my wife whose cookin an ill dinner for us right now, and
shoutout to Marv4MoBeats for having me!



Instagram: newselph

Twitter: newselph/nickjoyal

Facebook: newselph

Soundcloud: newselph

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