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Interview With OB





OB! Thanks for taking the time to do this interview!

Not a problem.

Could you introduce yourself to the readers? Who are you and what do you do?

My name is OB aka OnBeatMusic. I’m a producer from San Antonio TX, just recently moved to
Stratford Oklahoma. I’m also a part of the Die Daily Team and a production team called Unit

Word, speaking of which could you tell us more about your recent move? What lead you to
moving from San Antonio to Oklahoma?

Well, the last 8 months I’ve been going through a huge season in my life some major ups and
major lows. My move had a lot to do with something’s that were distracting me spiritually
back in San Antonio. I built a really solid relationship with my current Die Daily brother
Dillon Chase, he knew a lot of my situations and struggles and he was one that I was really
quick to run to for wisdom and counsel on things. Mainly cause I saw a lot of things in his
life that he was mature in that I wanted to learn to apply to my life for current and
future circumstances. I also built a really tight relationship with the church body here in
Stratford, my new Pastor and I clicked really fast and he was almost immediately in my life
before I even moved up here. I was even able to find a 9-5 up here and I’m also praying
about going to a college to finish of my music degree. Everything took much prayer and
definitely a lot of counsel from people from my previous church and my new church but the
Lord has definitely worked everything out.

Wow….I would say despite everything this move was a blessing in disguise…could you
elaborate on your involvement of being on the die daily team?

My relationship with Die Daily is awesome! Definitely a bunch of amazing talented dudes but
even more than that, a bunch of great brothers in the Lord. I’ve already worked with
Kadence on his single “That’s Ok”, Dillon Chase on his album “BDFFRNT” (did about 7 tracks
on there) and I’m currently working on his new project “SPEAK UP VOL. 3” (I’m doing almost
all the track on there), and I’m currently working with Cam (who featured on Lecrae’s
“Don’t Wanna Waste My Life”) on his new E.P.

Whos in the Die Daily squad? How would you describe the chh scene both in San Antonio and

Lol man the list is huge…

Sean C. Johnson
Dillon Chase
Cash Holistah
Big Rob
DJ DB405
DJ 2 (DJ Squared)
Halo Hitz
And Me

Are behind the scenes brothers (managers, photographers, radio hosts):
Big Six
Dwanye Pano
Brandon Clark
…. I might actually be missing someone lol but I don’t remember.
As far as comparing music scenes… Believe it or not but Oklahoma definitely has a bigger
CHH music scene than San Antonio does. There’s a lot more artists to work with here than
there was in San Antonio. Not knocking San Antonio at all tho cause is definitely some
brothers out there that put in work, dudes like 1’another, Jon Payne, Jarrell Flowers,
Sondaye, and of course my LABG33K brother Tone (who now lives in Austin) but that’s about
it as far as brothers that I know of that are putting out consistent solid work out there
in San Antonio. Sadly… Oklahoma has the scene in San Antonio beat tho.

Icic yeah that’s a huge crew but solid lol they almost like the Spurs.

OH YES!!! lol

How did you get into production? Who would you say are your influences?

Man, I actually hated rap for the longest time! I was huge into the Pop Punk scene (you
know like Blink 182, Green Day, and what not) I was even touring in a Pop Punk band at one
point lol. I’ve actually been a drummer since the age of 10 tho. I was even in Drumline in
high school, that’s where my boy Tone from LABG33Ks noticed me…
I beating on the table in the lunchroom one day (you know… a producer’s first drum
machine? Lol) and he heard me and came up and started freestyling. After he was done, he
told me “You’d be a dope producer” and I replied “that’s kewl… What’s that??” Lol. He
told me to go over to his house so he could show me. That’s when I got introduced to FL
Studio. I played with it over the years but it wasn’t until God saved me back in 2010 and
gave me a true desire for hiphop in 2011 that I got serious about it.

My biggest influences are:
Johnny Juliano
Dirty Rice
Jon Bellion

Oh snap another drummer producer! Johnny Juliano….good Lord he is a beast and so are the
other folks you mentioned. Rock music would be actually fun to play though…..may I ask
how you go about making a track in the studio and what you are currently working with in
terms of gear?

Normally I just start with the drums cause that’s my strongest point. Then I move on to
melodies and what not, I love playing with vocal noises and creating vox loops. I normally
do my 808s/Baslines last.
Right now I rock with FL Studio 10-12, I’m on PC (but I’m learning Mac) I eventually I
wanna learn Logic, I have a Novation 61 Launch Key, PreSonus Audio Box 1818VSL interface,
Rokit8 monitors, ATH-M50 Audio Technica headphones, and a Neuman Microphone.

Nice nice who would u like to work with in the future?

Definitely my top two favorite MCs which are Andy Mineo and S.O.
I had an opportunity to work on Andy Mineo’s new album Uncomfortable with Tyshane but the
track that we were going back and forth about didn’t fall through. I’m still in contacts
with Andy at the moment cause he’s non stop working on music.

I had a chance to build a small friendship with S.O. which is awesome cause I’m not the
type of dude who’s just all about what I can get out of someone. I genuinely like
relationships and I absolutely hate being taken advantage of. If something with music leads
that way with S.O. then praise the Lord but until then, S.O. is just a kewl bruv in the

Man if there were more folks like yourself lol sad to say but there are phony folk even in the chh genre….just saying but that’s good. In reality the grind doesn’t stop. Lastly now that you have relocated to Oklahoma what is in store for OB in the future? What advice would u give to upcoming producers or artists? Or anyone dealing in the arts?

Man only the Lord knows really lol. I definitely desire to be a music teacher so that’s the
main reason why I wanna finish off my music degree. I definitely wanna continue doing music
production until the Lord doesn’t give me a desire anymore. I’m honestly just praying that
the Lord would use in all ways that He wants inside or outside of music…and my advice to
those that are coming up?….

Be who the Lord has called you to be. Don’t trust your heart cause its deceiving. Follow
the Lord and what He wants whether it’s through music or not. If you make decisions and
achieve things outside of acknowledging the Lord in prayer, you should be afraid. Remember
that the enemy will make you comfortable in this life so that you won’t wanna leave. Always
be in prayer about every beat and sound you make and submit yourself and your music
decisions under elders at your local Church, this is such a huge help to those in CHH. Love
Christ over your talent.

Alright OB thank you for your time! God bless ya!

Thanks for having me! Grace and Peace!


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