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Interview With Sicily


Whats good Sicily! Thanks for taking the time to do this interview!

Absolutely. I always have time to build with fam.

Could you introduce yourself to the readers? Who is Sicily and what does
she do?

Whats good everyone. I would have to say I am a genuine person who loves
to build organic genuine relationships with people. For the most part I
have been graced to be multi- talented. Currently I am a Co-Owner of Run
With Zeal Records, a recording artist, song writer, producer & a
prolific graphic designer. So technically anything I can do creative
wise is my forte.

Dope! Out of all those things, what would be the first thing you
learned? Was it the song writing…the graphic design?

Actually the first thing I learned how to do was Freestyle. For those
who don’t know what that may be, Its when a rapper doesn’t know what
they are going to say and they pretty much improvise on the spot by
using objects, colors, items, people and made up scenarios all while
making sense, making it rhyme, staying on beat switching up your flow.
Then came along song writing, recording , Singing, beat making than
graphic design.

Oh alright, see I assumed that you were a producer first, and I do
remember coping the Welcome to My Funeral mixtape. In terms of juggling
all those things…..how do you go about balancing exercising and or
being creative in all those areas?

Honestly I think its more what the season calls for. I recently just
produced the other CO-Owner of Run With Zeal Records EP which is
dropping Aug. 26,2016 entitled Crowded.
And too continue exercising my gifts I learned to just stay inspired by
life. The people and struggles of others truly have truly inspired me to
create the art that I do.

Oh ok gotchu….weird how such things can bring the best out of
anyone…like pain leads to making something dope somehow lol so how did
you start producing? What got you into making beats?

Truthfully, I was a broke artist and couldn’t afford beats. No one was
willing to invest in me nor help. So I literally bought a computer mic
got a boot leg version of FL Studio and started making beats. Then I
attended Full Sail University and enrolled in there music production
program. 2 months after I enrolled I enter the rapzilla beat battle
contest and won the very first beat battle I ever entered.

Yeah?! Thats crazy….so out of the need spawned Sicily the producer,
crazy! Tell us about your experience at the Rapzilla Beat Battle a few
years back…some of us only caught a glimpse of what happened…

It was crazy. Honestly I didn’t think I was going to win. People that
were in this beat battle were doing this way longer than me. Plus people
who I honestly respected musically was who I was up against. Like J.R &
Cortland. At the time I was just humbled to meet these guys. Also I was
homeless so to me I had nothing to really loose or gain. I honestly
wanted to have fun and enjoy Flavor Fest. A lot of people after the win
spoke negative about me via social media saying the reason why I won was
because it was my church but everyone at my church was serving around
Flavor Fest. I feel like I won because they where battle beats. Also I
had the advantage of knowing that Floridians like bass heavy production
with tons of switch ups. Personally I think the cross between my switch
ups, the bass in my beats and my energy on stage got the crowd hype
which helped me to my advantage.

Thats crazy! Good thing you are in a better position now, praise God! It
kind of sucks to say but there will always be nay sayers in anything
anyone is trying to accomplish or has a specific goal or general….hard
to love on em but we must just how Christ loves us! I dont remember the
line up in that beat battle at the moment but I do remember JR being in
it and I think Theory Hazit…..I remember that line up being crazy
heavy!!! So with a bootlegged version of FL Studio it all started
huh…..crazy! I imagine you’ve had worked with some folks….whom have
you produced for?

Yeah it was def a crazy line up that year. Haha 19 with the bootleg
version. Don’t try this at home kids. lol. Don’t worry though my first
beat I sold I bought FL Studio. lol I worked with Jonathan Long and a
ton of local artists in different cities. Currently I got some bigger
opurtunites in the works. You will have to wait and find out who I am
working with.

Nice nice……ahaha dont try this at home lol kids be like ok lemme get
this here…..theyll get the blue screen of death or have a gazillion
viriuses on their computers aha
What do you use to make beats? You working with an

Haha! I def don’t want to endorse stealing. I really didn’t know it was
stealing then. Now. I invest in my self cause I know better.

Endorse stealing ahahahahah…

Personally I use tons of VSTs like Nexus, Native Instruments &
Omnisphere Est. I mostly switch up between machine & and Cubase 8.5

Alrighty….what is your process in the stu? Did you have to have your
coffee a certain way….have some type of emotion…or had a good laugh
in order to work? lol

Honestly my process is normally turn on the computer and go. However, I
really think the way I am feeling drives the emotion into the beat as I
am creating it. Then I have the rare occasion of a medley popping in my
head at 3am and I start itching if I don’t lay it down.

In a way….I hate that my creative side may rise at that time lol and
its like man I wanna sleep!!! ahahaha

Exactly lol but you know if you don’t get up your going to hate your
self later for it cause you forgot the melody or the idea.

SO REAL! ahahahaha


Is it possible you can share a few nuggets of what is in store for you
in the future?

The greatest thing I can tell anyone are two nuggets passed down to
1. Don’t limit your self creative wise. Sometimes your different style
can start a whole new wave.
2. Invest in your self. Don’t wait for no one to invest in you.

…Its very rare that happens. Work hard.
Well currently I am working on a new colab EP. Super excited that I am
producing the whole project and Jonathan Longs EP “Crowed” is dropping
Aug. 26, 2016 available on all digital outlets and at runwithzeal.com

Ahhhhh! You beat me to it! I was going to ask if you could share some
advice to anyone getting into the creative fields lol may I ask if
theres anymore you could give…whats number 3 and 4?! lol


3. Always remember your talent was given to you to use so be humble
enough to be willing to learn to sharpen it.
4. Your only as good as your character is.

GRACIAS!!! Alrighty Sicily, thanks so much for taking the time to do
this! Any shout outs?! LET THE PEOPLE KNOW!

Thanks so much for the opportunity brother. I appreciate you all so
much. Shout out to all the local artists & producers who are grinding.
Don’t give up. Long suffering produces endurance and endurance produces
character and character produces hope. Until Next time RUN WITH ZEAL!
and Marv I see yah fam.



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