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Interview With T-Rock


What up T-Rock! Thanks for getting wit me compadre!

What’s good OL! Not a problem at all thanks for having me fam!

To start, could you introduce yourself to the readers? Who’s T-Rock and what does he do?

I’m T-Rock from Richmond VA, I’m a music producer, Christian rapper, husband father of 4
and a full time social worker and counselor to at risk youth.

Dope! Looks like theres been a rise of talent coming from the VA area…on the music side
of things…how did you get into into mc’ing?

Amen bro! Yes God is certinly doing something in VA. I’m grateful to serve. I got into
mc’ing back in 2001 after getting saved and getting plugged into the local church. I was
like whoa! How is there a studio fully set up in the basment of this church? It was on from

Thats crazy! How did the producing come about? How did you get started?

There was a childhood friend of mine who introduced me to a program called FL Studio. Back
then it was called Fruity Loops (Vol. 2). I like was bruh what is that? Looked like the
secrets for making rocket fuel. He showed me the ropes and it was on from there.

Secret to making rocket fuel ahahaha wow…you got started on FL Studio 2? I got started
when FL Studio 7 was the latest version out! So how long you been at it for?
Who would be your musical influences on the mic and on the beats?

Lol yes bro FL Studio 2. I’ve been producing for over 15 year’s. I always try to remain a
student of the game and get better. Musical influences on the mic are too many to name but
most influential have been Flame, Sir Walter Scott, Journey Brave, Pettidee, K-Drama and

Production wise so many guys but narrow it down I would say K-Drama, J.R. GeeDA, Kanye and
my cuzzo Beat Billionaire a signed music producer for MMG.

Oh wow….yeah man K-Drama, J.R., GeeDa, Kanye got the juice lol and thats crazy how you
got someone like that in the actual music industry as well. May I ask who have you worked

Yes bro! Them dudes got the sauce. Lol! I just recently produced on K-Drama’s newest album
the The 8th. I produced “The Heart” ft. D-Maud & Co-Produced “Arthur Agee” alongside the
home K-Drama. I’ve been working heavy with my guy Pettidee on his new project “AliEn”
dropping this year. I’ve been blessed to produce majority of his new project. I’ve been
blessed to produce for many local folks also! Sir Walter Scott, Scottlane, Dawiyd, DR3, Dj
Noble and a gang of others.

You got some heavy weights under your belt bruh lol you finna steal the sauce now lol whats
in your arsenal? What do you use to produce?

Hahaha lol! Right on my G! I produce in FL Studio 11 & 12. I have 2 midi keyboard
controllers. Akai MPD 49, Korg 49, KRK Rokit 5’s and a beast of a PC.

How would you describe youre process in the studio when youre creating?

I open up in prayer and invite the Lord into the stu. Then I’ll normally start up with a
melody and then drums. I love drums!

Any artist you plan on or would like to work with?

In the future I plan to work with K-Drama & D-Maub on their upcoming project. The H-Town homie Puntin…we have some great things in the works. My guy Plain James and many more! I look forward to working with Clearsight Music, Reflection Music Group, Frontline… and honestly some young & hungry folks that desire to make God’s name BIG in the earth.

Now with 15 years in the game, I know for a fact you done gained some knowledge on a lot of
things…what advice would you give up and coming or aspiring producers? Also, whats in
store for you in the future?

I can’t stress it enough. Please get an entertainment Lawyer this will save you from lots
of heart aches. If you don’t have the money for that pull up on a real genuine person with
with wisdom. That can also guard and protect you. Also please sign up ASCAP, BMI whoever
and be sure to get your royalties for placements. Also! Be sure to show yourself friendly.
Be sure to build meaningful relationships with others. If you can get out these events and
conference’s Flaver Fest, Legacy conference etc. This will help people to place a face with
the name. Always remain a student of the craft. Never arrive!

Be on the lookout for Pettidee’s new project “AliEn” dropping this year. That’s gone be
absolute fire and will bless many. Also I’m working on a solo EP dropping later this year.
I’m gonna feature some good friends on it and pour my heart out!

Word…alright then T-Rock, thanks again for taking the time to chop it up wit me!

Amen fam! Thanks the opportunity. I really appreciate it. Big shout to you and Marv for
doing what you guys do.

Thanks bruh, ppreciate it! Grace and Peace!


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