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Kick in the Door

When it comes to climbing the ladder of success in whatever creative field one is in, her/she cannot cheat the grind. Sweat equity will show in time…(Shouts out 2 !llmind). As we learn various things and progress as creatives, there may come a time where one may feel their ready to jump to an opportunity. As that event comes unfortunately we may fail or not reach the mountain top of that moment. Sometimes creatives may have to take a different route or circumvent the route and go a road less traveled.

Sometimes serving in a specific field or volunteering may be overlooked to get ones foot in the door. Let us look at producer Just Blaze for example…in recent interviews he stated for a period of time he was working the normal hours of operation at a studio then putting work into his craft once the doors of the studio closed. Studio staff in the day and then Just Blaze in training afterwards. We can assume he was learning and putting into practice what he saw in various situations in his time serving and working in and out of the studio.

Sure, we may wanna conquer the most important opportunity presented to us, but if we by any chance miss the bus…let us not overlook the other things we can do to get to that position again. “Kick in the door waving the four-four”…nah more like waving our resume, our time in volunteering…in internships etc. (RIP Christopher Wallace)


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