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Loops…Yay or Nay?

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In music production, loops can defined as a melodic or percussion like pattern that follows a structural form that repeats itself. In other words, in every song there is a certain chord, note, rhythm, drum pattern and jingle you may catch while listening that repeats. You may find as you go about listening to music that a song is comprised of many loops…

When it comes to creating music, the general idea is to make something original. The creator may have obtained something that may have influenced how he or she may go about making the song, however it would have the individuals own signature and flare that cannot be replicated. Needles to say, there is a difference when you hear something produced by K-Drama in contrast to something produced by Jake One.

We are now in a state in producerville where we may have obtained an endless supply of loops and maximize them. However, there is still a good chunk of folks who may use loops and replicate a song to the letter…making a carbon-copy.

Let’s address the elephant in the room…LOOPS ARE NOT BAD TO USE! Your favorite producer uses loops! They may spark something unique within the producer to create which is good! The problem lies where the music creator solely relies on loops to create and imitates the next man. Where is the originality if one shoemaker makes the exact same shoe as his or her competition? Wheres the freshness to be found in a dress shirt in contrast to the other if their exactly the same thing? How will one producer stand out from the rest if their individuality is not to be found in their sounds? The use of loops should express your own inventive vicissitude! Creative innovation should always be the objective when producing!

Omar Luis

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