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Swing: I’m honored to get a chance to interview people that I’ve spoken to over the phone prior to the actual interview. So for those not in the know “role call” introduce yourself to the people. Name, where you’re from, height, weight, social…naw just playin’!


T WYLA:  The honor is mine. I see it as gaining another friend in the field, ya dig? Thank you for taking the time to speak to me. I’m the founder of STYLWYLD MUSIC, Vinyl Collector, “Wanna be DJ” LOL I go by the name (T-WYLA) but my wife calls me Papi Chulo, my kids Daddy, everybody else…Joshua. I am from North Jersey, currently living in Philadelphia..

Swing:  Well, Papi…LOL tell us how and more importantly why you became a producer? What about making music intrigued you early on?

T WYLA:  PAUSE! LOL! Well my earliest memories of serving were from church (I was a Pastor’s Kid). My parents were church planters. My mom was a worship leader and used to make my brother and I get up and do stuff like sing, play or read (of course there was much forced practice involved) LOL. For example, my brother would play the piano on one Sunday or special occasions and I would sing with him and my mom in harmony. I would also play vice versa mostly hymns and Coritos (Spanish praise songs) I accepted the Lord at 9 and started to do more in the church from there on. I think my brother and I had a very sheltered childhood that revolved around church with no other kind of balance while coming up. When we grew up we started straying away from my family. By 8th grade I was bad; doing graffiti, stealing and being rebellious mostly. At 12 my brother’s girl gave me Public Enemy’s “It Takes a Nation” cassette for my birthday. It was a wrapfrom that point on! Looking back that is the most impacting album anyone could listen to. It introduced me to reality. I used to stay up all night (at age 12) and listen to Red Alert, Silver Surfer, Mr. Magic, Stretch and Bobbito but I was always pulled into hip hop. I never heard so much energy. Also tie in my dad’s vinyl collection (with his name written on all of them) and you have the musical molding of my life as a producer.

Swing:  So tell us, what was your FIRST bit of equipment that you started to work with and what are you working with now?


T WYLA:  This is going to sound weird but I used to do this. I would take my brothers dual cassette, record player and use the tapes to do my own mixes. I would press record, pause, record, pause, rewind (to erase the talking DJs would do). Red Alert was the worst because he’d do these blends and talk over them and I wanted my friends to think it was a real Mixtape. Back then it was exclusive. From there I found how to splice old samples from records because my dad had mad James Brown records, so I loved being able to say I GOT THAT! I GOT THAT! When I heard the sample I used to try looping drums and it worked. By the time I was 15 my best friend at the time, JUNGLE, got an Akai S950 and I used to take it home on the weekends (with a stack of floppies) and sample my dad’s records. He never let me take them so I would leave them outside my bedroom window sometimes and snatch them when I would sneak out. When I was grounded I would stay home and sample. As a matter of fact, come to think of it I never owned equipment actually. I used to always borrow from my man and got better and better. Eventually I taught him some stuff. Eventually, I realized it was a waste and gave my gifts to God. Now I got a Mac, use a Triton, I still use vinyl and had an MPC 2000 but sold it. I love Native Instruments, Logic, Reason, Record and I love to scratch…. I like to think I’m am a “turntablist” at heart LOL. I use live instruments like live drums (my sons drum kit), live bass, shakers, percussion ( I’m a percussionist too so I got all the toys) and vinyl is always the start for me. Why? You can find way more indie “Mom & Pop” pressed records then u do MP3’s if you research, but I hardly ever keep my chops on the beats… usually take them out.

Swing:  You mentioned earlier that you gave your gifts back to God. What was the transition that made you feel that what you were doing was a waste and how would you explain that to a young producer (spiritually) that may be facing the same thing?


T WYLA:  I was a hard head. I drifted and drifted thinking music weed and approval were all I needed. Since I was good, cats always asked me to join their crews and offered me a home a name identity. Since every producer secretly seeks affirmation I was down but I felt lost. It didn’t mean anything to me anymore it was meaningless. When I had my first child out of wedlock I realized I had it all backwards and made a decision to get help and to find a church and give my life back to Christ and give HIM my gifts.  He built me up from scratch all over again. Now I’m 29 and have a clear plan from God what to do and how to operate in my ministry. I’m still a hip hop head though!

Swing:  For those who aren’t aware of some of the artists and songs you’ve worked on, why don’t you tell us who you’ve worked with that people may be familiar with?

T WYLA:  The first artist I met and was blessed by was Richie Righteous I formed a good relationship with him. That dude is one of a kind. He helped me a lot and opened his home to me. I actually accredit him to my start, giving me a chance (loyal to that) From there on I formed a relationship with Lavoisier (HIP HOP 101 Language Arts…coming soon) have like 90% of the production on his album, and met TWyse… (also thru Rich) and really clicked. We have like 2 albums worth of music.  The more we talked we realized we were both worshippers first and there wasn’t enough “RECKLESS ABANDONEMENT” in HIP HOP.  Dudes would worship but it wasn’t the worship the way we would worship so we just started going in and decided to get our “worsHIP HOP” on.  I’ve worked with Young Joshua, on a complete project with J. Johnson, I’ve worked with Eric Cross, People’s Choice, Thaddeus Tribbett, working with Seda and did the entire project of a brother named Detin as well as another brother, Lionel King and some other very top secret projects coming out in 3rd qt of this year.

Swing:  Creatively speaking, are there any artists out there that you’d like to work with that you haven’t yet that you feel would push you musically or just may be fun to work with?


T WYLA:   This might be strange to some, but it’s how I do. From the start I have had God inspired relationships; people God has put in front of me. I want things to be done right, which is why you don’t see my beats for sale online. There’s nothing bad with it, but I just feel led this way because I believe in forming a relationship outside of music. I DO NOT CARE THAT YOU RAP! ANYONE CAN RAP AND LEARN THE LINGO AND SOUND JUST AS BIBLICAL OR BETTER THEN YOU….. and fall, or sell out and start rapping about drugs, killing, etc. By showing me your life, your friendships and letting the anointing of the Holy Spirit speak for you you’ll show me we’re down to work in the trenches. There are people I definitely want to work with. I’d like to work with, Hillsong, Darryl Evans, Israel Houghton, Deluge, David Crowder Band just to name a few. As far as rappers, I don’t know. That’s a hard one. If anyone wants to build with me though, holler at me (Twitter.com/T_WYLA, my BlackBerry heads…BBM PIN 30ff5631 or by email me t.wyla.beats@gmail.com it all comes to my phone, so I will respond).

Swing:  Last question, brotha! If your life was a book in the bible what is the main thing you’d want people to get about you as a man, father, husband, producer and believer?


Song Titled “Majesty” By T-Wyse live bass Thaddeus Tribbett and produced by T-Wyla

{audio}majesty 1 1.mp3{/audio}

T WYLA:   The only one that would see my life as an open book and be a just advocate to defend or judge it would be God. Don’t read my book LOL I have flaws. Follow God because He wrote mybook. I just give him the Royalties. I want everyone to know I tried hard. I tried hard to be humble and I’ve failed many times… I forgot to mention “ILLSONG volume 1”…the vocal edition and the instrumental edition (with bonus tracks) all worship tracks ft. TWyse… downloads available by the end of March… please support! We worked hard on this project.




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