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Maximizing Your Studio

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Many times we can get caught up in what the ideal studio is for ourselves. We may illude to the “dream” studio having the classical mpc 60 mk II, Fender Rhodes, M-Audio Midi Keyboard, Yamaha monitors etc. Daydreaming on our dream equipment may result in finding ourselves at fault for wanting so much gear when in actuality, we have a descent amount of tools at our disposal.

For seeing our favorite producers create we may be so infused and influenced to what they do we start wanting to be like them.

-“Yo Premier got the mpc, I gotta get that!”-

-“Aye, Jake One rocking that asr-10, I need me one of those!”-

-“A.G. got that new new in Maschine, Ive got to get me one!”-


The modern day aspiring producer only really needs to operate a capable DAW, make use of a Midi item and lastly buy libraries of sounds (Vinyl/Digital/Sound Libraries etc). Having all the desired items in the studio would only create a stall as you go about making music. However, having less ironically makes you more creative and sparks resourcefulness with what you have.

Although Dj Premier rocked the MPC 60, he only sampled 30 seconds to make hits. We are not in age where producers need an abundance of studio gear, we are in the age where creativity is key!

Omar Luis

Omar Luis

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