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In 2015 we have a music dilemma. The days where the consumer buys physical media is almost obsolete. The charm and personal oomph you would see through vinyl sleeves, cd booklets and even pdf files may be gone in the near future.

Unfortunately, we are in an environment where the consumer doesn’t pay for media due to
piracy. Not to overlook those who actually purchase entertainment media (Music, Movies
etc.) but overall the active participation of purchasing media on a grand scale is
sparse. This has lead to companies searching for other ways to connect the consumer towards
these specific products with incentives and exclusive items.

Companies are following the Netflix model selling subscriptions and everyone is trying to
get a piece of the action. Tidal, Spotify, Soundcloud, Pandora, Apple Music etc. are all in
this area of the music business and are trying to sell. For the music creators (artists, producers,
songwriters etc.) this may put them in a space where they may not receive fair
compensation from their work. There have been numerous reports on many artists who may have
been played a thousand plus times via streams and receive little to nothing in return.

For the consumer this has been a new way to enjoy music for less. Thousands upon thousands
of albums to enjoy for a monthly fee, all in a few clicks of a mouse. When you think about
how technology in music has moved forward so quickly, one can wonder how have we made it up
to this point. Has the convenience of simplicity taken over our life with what we purchase
in entertainment media? To what we listen to? It is odd to say, but it almost feels
nostalgic to think about a time where consumers actually waited in line to purchase music.

Here at marv4mobeats.com we would love to know your thoughts and opinions on this issue.
Where is the selling of entertainment media going? Share how you feel via the comments section below or via the forum spot! For perspective, the internet’s busiest music nerd, Anthony Fantano shares his thoughts and opinions on this topic with interesting confabulation. Check these videos on the
competition of music streaming services and the value of music!

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