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Today, we have a slew of platforms to market ourselves within any
business. If today’s creative or aspiring producer is not using them
they may be late to the party.

Although it may sound nostalgic to say, there was a time period
where producers did not have free platforms and an individual of
higher power or of a higher ilk in the field may have to put them on
game or cosign them. Outside of the old fashioned way (Submitting
Demos/Beat Tapes-CDs) that was the only power move producers had at
that time.

Through the power of technology and social media, everyone is able
to make their own commercials and market themselves. As weird as it
may sound, everyone is consuming media in different ways and the
mighty television is not the be all and end all of marketing.
What do individuals like Spice Adams, SikWitIt, Amanda Cerny and J.
Rhodes have in common? They all have great content and staying power
in their own fields using social media as their tool.

Today’s producers have access to plenty of platforms in order to get
themselves out there and create a presence which will then result in
the potential of getting work. Youtube, Instagram, Twitter,
Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Marco Polo etc are the stages…how
you market yourself is you’re show.

Here are a few tips to use social media with great effectiveness…

1) Be yourself as you be creative!
2) Use the best affordable tools to market yourself!
(Apps, Equipment etc.)
3) Create great and different content!
4) Be professional!
5) Don’t forget the hashtags! #MARV4MOBEATS
6) Quality over quantity! Make great lasting content and don’t over
post or upload!
7) Respond to you’re followers!

Omar Luis

Omar Luis

Editor from London, ON, CA.

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