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I remember when I started out, I didn’t have any Producer’s to take me under their wing or look out for me. Pretty discouraging as well as disappointed that this small community we had at that time, wouldn’t lend a helping hand. But during that time, I remember God telling me, when I give you the a platform, you are to do the opposite of what was done to you. And so that’s what I did. As things began to turn around and I started to get a buzz, I didn’t hesitate to pursue what God told me to do, help others. Guys I helped went on to work on greater projects than I did. I’m grateful that God allowed me to be in position to Pay it forward. When I talked to different Producers I’ve helped and they tell me their accomplishments, it let’s me what I’m called to do… Help people… Help one another… So I challenge and encourage you today, Look for opportunities to help someone that need a hand. Because the fact of the matter is we ALL need one. Pay it forward! Grace and Peace…



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