"Without a beat, it's just a rhyme..."

Producer Talk

A Producers Rite of Passage



We are now in a space where many folks are aspiring to become
producers and land a spot in the game. In what ever genre or musical
environment you are trying to get into, there’s a few ways one
may land their chance or see themselves through.

Many times a producer strikes gold and creates a soundscape for an
artist to express themselves. This may come from a beat cd, tracks
they may have heard in a folder…what ever the case is the artist was
beat shopping. The result is from a producer taking their time to
create and work on their craft to capture an artists attention.
Moral of the story is keep working on you’re tracks…once the
opportunity presents itself, the music wont be denied.

Another way folks are landing in the game is through the “Come Up”
method. Whether the artist is in your city or the producer found
someone online and connected musically…as you work through a
partnership one may gain experience and earn a type of noteriety and
find themselves producing for others along their climb.
Moral of that story is, don’t deny the chance to work with someone
who is as passionate as you are and is willing to put in work.

Alright captain obvious…why are you writing this? The reason why I
choose to write this piece is to encourage all aspiring creatives in
what ever arena you are in to continue to pursue your goals now and
past 2018. There are many methods to get in this complex artful
web…the only way you loose is if you quit.


Omar Luis

Omar Luis

Editor from London, ON, CA.

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