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Reaching Higher Heights

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There’s always music coming out, however we may overlook the folks who are coming up in
different areas within the market. There are many working within the christian hip hop
community be it djs, producers, audio engineers but it doesnt neccessarily stop there.

In some form or fashion, music is always in demand and tunes are always being produced.
Producer Tee-Wyla recently just landed a major tv placement for a sprint commercial.
Producer Ray Baker in collaboration with Lee Major is working with artists like No Malice.
Marv4MoBeats has recently joined Maschine Masters and the WLAK group had landed a
commercial during a recent Super Bowl. Artists and producers like Canon, BrandonP and
SoundNami had their music played on ESPN.

It’s safe to say that the talents within the genre are getting noticed and being praised
publicly! Watch out for the folks working, they are on the come up and reaching higher

Omar Luis

Omar Luis

Believer, Producer, Editor from London, ON, CA.

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