"Without a beat, it's just a rhyme..."



Some good tips 4 producers


Ski Beatz

1. be original with what you do

and create you own sound.

2. learn a little about what

makes music tick- it won’t

hurt to learn some music theory.

3. stay up on what’s current on

the music scence: new equipment,


4. make sure your beats is in tune

with itself. i like to tune my drums

in the same key that my sample

or key are in.

5. strive to make your sound quality

greats. most beats are sold off how

banging the sound quality is.

6. the drums gotta bang!

7. ask your what artist could

you hear over your track?

if you can’t flow to it,nine

time out of ten,nobody else

can either.

8. learning to make beats is

like learning to play any other

musical instrument; you have

 to put in the practice to become

 good at it.

9. learn all aspects of music

production, from making the

beat to tracking and mixing

in the studio. that’s a valuable

asset to have in this game.

10. keep the love for the music.

never let the money or material

gain be motivation for why you

do this. if the love is there,

everything else will fall in place.

(In our case  the love for the ministry also.)




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