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When it comes to buying new sounds it could either be one of two

1) You can get real excited


2) You feel real hesitant to even looking for sounds

When looking into purchasing new sounds I can understand how great
and frustrating it can turn out to be. You’re hard earn money could
either go to copping great sounds or being mad for a few days for
buying crappy snares and kicks that repeat within the Kit’s folder.

Here are some tips and tricks you can use when trying to cop new

1) Go to trusted websites and look them up (Company/Staff Info)
2) Read and or watch reviews on the sounds or drum kits you want to
3) Try to get the sounds on sale
4) Look for bundles
5) Compare prices
6) Check to see if you’re equipment is compatible with the sounds you
want to use (Particularly with VSTS, Sound Banks etc.)
7) Read what is included in the product (Number of Kicks, Snares etc.)
8) Check to see if the sounds are royalty free
9) Check to see where the sounds were sampled/made from
10) If by any chance you get crappy sounds, flip em’ to make em’
better! (Pitch, Layer, Filter sounds to make new ones!)

(BONUS: Ask yourself a question…would you be inspired to create with these sounds?)

Omar Luis

Omar Luis

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