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Studio Nomenclature: Daw Dilemma

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We are now in a place and time where computers, laptops, mobile devices and tablets are becoming the central hub to make music…provided the producer/beatmaker is using a capable DAW.

A D-A-W is a digital audio workstation, a specific program to allow the user to create, mix and master their own recordings in any way shape or form. Since the time consumers were introduced to personal computers in the 70’s, there have been DAW’s. Although primitive in design and functionality to today’s sophisticated standards, we’ve had em’ and been working with them since.

We have a plentiful amount of DAW’s we can choose from today and one might wonder which one would be the best fit. Certain things to take into consideration when making this choice would be…

-Device of choice you wish to make music on

-Price of the DAW

-Features of DAWs


-Future Proof/Compatibility

Taking these matters into contention, one must identify above all things the usefulness and comfort you may feel working with a particular DAW. You may be using Logic, but you may not have a single lick of knowledge of how to even record a track. You may be using Ableton, but you may not know how to import your drum folders into it. The suitability and complacency of how you make music will allow you to maximize your recordings and studio equipment both digital and or analog. Almost all DAWs offer relatively the exact same things,  nomenclature with different names, symbols, and countenance.

Omar Luis

Omar Luis

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