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Studio Nomenclature: Sounds


One of the things that can make or break a track are the sounds!
Naturally, a song is comprised by many sounds that formulate to make
a whole composition. Ever since it was discovered that a producer can
manipulate sounds and or rearrange original compositions in any form,
we have been chasing the latest and greatest in sounds.

From kicks to snares, from hihats to synths, we have been trying to
fulfill a void to accommodate our creative need. However, we may get so
engulfed and lost in gathering or stocking up in sounds we loose
sight of what we already have and what we can do with them!

Every producer may go through a phase where we look and see amongst
musicians and say “If I had that drum kit or Kontakt bank of sounds I
could really step my game up!”. To that I say yay and nay! Yay…
because getting new sounds is always exciting and sparks creativity.
No…because we already can do so much with what we have!

Be it synths, loops, drum kits or vsts, we have lost sight of the
magic of manipulation!
Layering…panning….filtering…pitching…are only a handful of
ways you can use to really mess around with sounds to create
something new! Although sounds are very important to any producers
arsenal, the creativity factor should never be in a still state!




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