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Tech Takeover



The words “MPCSPASRMaschine” are universally recognized in the hip hop production world. The products from Akai, Native Instruments
etc. throughout the years have been respected and used by the best of the best hip hop producers. With the innovations introduced by
musical companies and others throughout the music world (Yamaha, Roland, Korg, Native Instruments etc.) we’ve seen a great progression in
drum machines, keyboards, synths and many more instruments.

Coming into the new millennium, we also came into the digital age where files reign supreme and the use of physical items have almost
become obsolete. No need to purchase a physical keyboard by (Insert Manufacturer Here) to create, almost all the tools one would need to
create a composition is within their DAW of choice. The only thing that is something that continues to grow within our studios are the
sounds we collect and obtain. From one shot samples to VST’s, we are now in a time where almost everyone can nab the same sounds.

With technology improving the production arena, we are now in the phase of going mobile with our studios. Why lug around heavy
equipment to studio sessions? As always, its nomenclature what today’s producers choose to use and always up to their discretion.
Evidently things are getting better and smaller and its what the industry will become if we are not there already.


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