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The Legacy of Robert Moog

The connection between art and science isn’t always apparent to those self-proclaimed creative types who slept through high school physics class. But every beatmaker worth their Pro Tools knows that mordern music owes its depth,complexity,and versatility to Robert Moog, the engineering physicist who revolutionized music with his legendary synthesizer. Though he didn’t technically invent the synthesizer, Moog who died from a brain tumor on August 21,2005 created a series of widely used keyboards that have impacted everything from cell phones to movie to video games and, of course, production.”Robert Moog was almost single-handedly responsible for the moogrc41sound of pop culture today, declared rapper and producer Kwam’e, who’s crafted hits for Lloyd Banks, Christine Aguilera, and Janet Jackson. When Moog presented his Moog Modular Synthe-sizer to the world in 1964, the response was immediate and overwhelming. Over time, artist like Parliment/Funkadelic, Herbie Hancock, and Kraftwerk used Moog machines to create genre- bending melodies. His analog synthesizers created their own distinct language of whirring squeals and rolling mumbles. Hip-hop quickly co-opted the “Moog’s synthesizers opened up a world of expression for hip-hop producers,”says Kwam’e. “He allowed us to move away from sampling and incorporate unique sounds in our work.Moog is one of the father of our music. Though the venerated inventor is gone, his company Moog Music remains the tribute to his  remarkable contribution to society, Robert Moog’s machine perfected the art of sound.



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