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The Producer Pioneer Series with Tony Stone

Marv – What T! How you bruh?

– I’m doing good man, real good.

– I heard that dude. First I would like first say thx getting up with me.
It’s a honor. You are someone I definitely look up to in Producerville lol.

Tony – It’s a privileged to get it in with you!

Marv – How long have you been serving the Lord and producing?

Tony – Man, i’ve been producing music seriously for about 8 years and change.

Marv – For those who may not know lol and I know the list is looooong but could you name a few Artists you’ve work with.

Tony – Good question!  I’ve worked with indie artists like Braille, Mark J, Victory- and I’ve worked with majors like Lecrae, Trip Lee, Tedashii, Sho Baraka, Cross Movement, KJ-52, Shai Linne and more.

Marv – ok ok How did those opportunities come about?

Tony – The earliest opportunities came to me just from guys checking out my online beats.  I never was really intentional about getting album placements, they always just landed on me.  To this day, I just consider it a blessing that things almost always came together as I was just focused on trying to walk out the faith and learn more about the Lord.  To this day, 90% of cats that I work with come together by way of them finding me.

Marv – Bet. Dudes ask me all the time “Marv, how did you get name out there.” And I always say hey mang promotion comes from the Lord, and I also tell them I had market the music. I think there is a lack of drive when it comes to that area. What do you think about that T?

– Yea, I think there’s a certain amount of drive that a producer needs- I’m glad that I got put on to most of my major work without any marketing skills so that I can be reminded that it’s God who brings the opportunities.  But I have also grown as a man and in my business savvy, and have taken authentic interest in marketing.  It’s important for a producer to care about how to connect with the people he’s aiming at and how to communicate with them- in addition to creating the type of music that’s vibing with them.

–  Amen. How many tracks you crank out a day?

Tony –  Depends on the day.  Every day is different for me.  Some days are committed to strategical planning of future moves, other days are all about sound engineering or recording, and most days are a mix with all of that.  But on a good day with no distractions, I can crank out like 4 or 5 beats.

Marv – Yeah mang I feel you on that. From what you see going in on CHH we where do you it 5 years from now?

Tony – 5 Years from now is alot of time- I thought I knew where we’d be 5 years ago- but my guess would be that there would be more artists with larger platforms.  More validity as a genre and there will be more opportunities to either blow it or do well with it.  I imagine that it will be better for producers, also, with more artists who will have budgets to accommodate paying out more producers.

Marv – Aight fam Im a about to go deep. Do you struggle with pride from a producers stance and what do you think producers that are prideful. what are some of the consequences from the natural and spiritual point?

Tony – Yea, I think we overestimate ourself- any individual who doesn’t see major pride in themselves is being blinded by pride.  Our pride is to God- we want ourselves to be made much of and not God.  So categorically, I wrestle with pride all the time, and one area of life it shows up with is in music- I’ve produced for alot of artists, and I have to look to Jesus any time I feel like everyone owes me some sort of props or recognition.  I don’t deserve nothing!  I didn’t save for all time anybody with a single sacrifice like Jesus did- I’m nothing.  But Jesus is worthy.  So that helps me.  That’s what we all need, because pride is what God resists- forget if my music crashes and burns, I want my joy in Him and He refuses the proud.

Marv – Amen thank God for His word and the teachings and covering from my Pastor. Stressing humility is a priority in the kingdom.

– Money management. Are you pretty good with your finances seeing we don’t get a regular check every week?

Tony – Yea man you have to be very focused and very disciplined with your money.  It’s really like any other business- learn to save and how to use your money strategically!  I’m pretty much a cost nazi lol

Marv – What do you think about sampling and is it important that we as producers know what we are doing when we sample as far clearance etc.

Tony –  It’s crazy how producers want royalties and payments but don’t mind jacking samples lol. Real talk, though, there are sample libraries that specialize in creating “samples” that you can chop up and use at your own will, but as far as clearance, producers shouldn’t have to worry about it- just keep track of the sample and make sure whoever uses it on an album gets the clearance

Marv – any last words for those that are reading

Tony – Work hard, love Jesus, love the brethren and don’t turn it into a competition!

Marv – Tony Stone thank you so much for pouring out this wisdom. I pray the best for you in the years to come. Continue to set the standard for producers out there.

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