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This month feature Producer is Brandon ShockMuzik Shockley

M4M: B-Shock, how you fam?!

Shock: Man, good, thanks for the interview, how about yourself?

M4M:  Aww mang, no problem. I’m good dude just working hard.

First off, tell the readers, who is B-Shock?

Shock: Well, B-Shock is talented dude who uses his gifts to glorify God! But man, I love producing music. Been doing it for about 6 years now and I’m loving every bit of it! Also been blessed to be the CEO of S.H.O.C.K MUZIK Records.

M4M: Ok ok, as I was telling you, I was depressed looking your at video cause I have made all these beats and can’t play the piano a lick lol! With your 13 years of experience playing does it make it easy to come up with songs?

Shock: lol..You still got time to learn. Plus, the beats I’ve heard from you sound good anyways. But playing the keys does make it a whole lot easier to make songs because normally what you think you can also play it. So I do encourage producers to at least learn a little piano, it only helps in productions! It definitely expands your range!

M4M: Amen. How long have you been serving the Lord?

Shock: Man, I’ve been in church my whole life. My parents are Pastors so I’ve grown up in a Christian household. I did a little straying, not too much. I don’t have the hard stories like some but basically I was just faced with a realization on life, our call, our purpose, Heaven, Hell, and how Jesus died the worse death ever to save people who have sinned, are sinning, and will sin! That realization rocked me and I’ve been serving the Lord with everything for about 6 years now!

M4M: ok bet. Wife? Kids?

Shock: Yessir! My wife and I have been married for 3 years and we have a 2 year old daughter! How about yourself?

M4M: Yeah, mang, wife with 7 arrows!

Shock: Man..lol

M4M: What’s your process when you are making a beat?

Shock: I like to start with the melody, normally piano. It may not be the instrument I may want to use but it will get me started. And once I have added a few main drum parts I then finish all the melody and harmony parts! And then there’s all the filler sounds I add last, like, for example, a reverse cymbol or chimes!

M4M: Ok. When you are working with do you prefer to one on one or are you cool working thru internet, email etc.

Shock: I’m pretty cool working through internet or email. Sometimes, I may ask for examples or I try to paint a scene. As far as this type of music, it’s like somebody’s walking in a room and looking scared or something..lol..But one on one is even better of course, but either way works for me.

M4M: Ok. How is running a label while producing for others, being a husband, father, and in ministry? How do you balance it out?

Shock: Man, it’s work, but I got some good help with the label! My brother which is our VP handles contracts and press, our other staff member handles road itineraries and other duties, and I handle deadlines, albums, new artist, and such! Most of my producing gets done at night, or early in the morning! Normally, takes a while. It may take a week just to make one track just because of everything else but I make time for it. I have a very supportive and understanding wife. She knows my passion and the gifts and God has given me so she lets me handle business and I try not to take that for granted. Same thing with my daughter- she can play and not be worried about me but I make sure we go to the park or I read her books! Sometimes, they both be in the studio with me just so we can spend time together! But you def got to be wise with your time, I don’t watch much TV except for sports. I got a schedule I follow or try my best to!

M4M: Amen. How many on the label?

Shock: 4, Pastor AD3, A-1 the LP, DJ X-Hell, V. Pace

M4M: Now, doc, they got labels starting every week and a lot of them are just a group of cats that came up with a name. Do you really try to function like a real label (contracts, royalities, lawyers, etc.)?

Shock: I know, right! Naw, we’re legit, with all that. We’re at the point where there’s legal things needed in order to function! We have been blessed to have built a fan base not only in our city but around the globe so it’s neccessary that we run a legitiment operation! I tell people all the time, start with the paperwork and then go from there, never run with the idea before adding all cost!

M4M: Good stuff, fam. What’s your take on Christian producers and working secular and vice verse. Does it matter?

Shock: Man, thats such a hard topic! I can tell you what I prefer and that’s Christian, but I know Christian artist who gets beats from secular cats but the Christian producer gets beat down for selling to secular cats. Its sad that some are selling beats for as low as $25. I know some producers that still haven’t gotten paid for beats they’ve done for fairly successful artists but yet if they work with a secular artist who’s willing to pay then it’s wrong or compromising! I just say use good judgment.

M4M: Hey, I know a dude that has left Christian and went over to secular side because they  “keep it 100.” Some Christian artist will rob you in the name of Jesus. I know artists, right now, that owe producers money and got on the dopest son! So crazy to me and so sad.

Shock: I know man, I can write a 10 page article on the matter…lol

M4M: What would you like to see change in Gospel and CHH?

Shock: I would love to see more artist come out of their boxes! I don’t want to be considered separate from the gospel world, it seems that way, like CHH is separate from the Marvin Sapp’s, Kirk Franklin’s, MaryMary’s. We should be doing songs with more than just our CHH community. My dream is to do a rap song ft. Fred Hammond on a hook or something, you know just be more open. That’s what I push for and pray that will happen one day! Just a merge of the genres! We all pushing Christ!

M4M: Amen. Any last words?

Shock: Man, I just pray that more producers will put in the necessary time to perfect their craft and really study and practice so that we can raise the bar in CHH! And thanks again, fam! God bless your ministry and fam!

M4M: Any shout outs?

Shock: Naw… lol.

M4M: No doubt, dude. Well, thanks for the taking time out to chop it up with me!



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