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This Month Featured Producer Is Dert Floyd

Marv Dert! what up Fam!

Dert ‪What up‬.

Marv ‪Chilling bro. Let me first start off by saying, I’m a big fan of your production bro. Really started paying attention to you when Theory did the Thre3 album. Mad dope dude.‬

Dert ‪Appreciate that. and thanks to Theory‬.

Marv ‪So.. how long have you been producing?‬

Dert ‪Well, its been a while. about 18 years. I started in high school pause looping samples from records. Then I started to get into more semi pro gear and then got my first mpc 2000 when I was 18 or 19.‬ I think I have only gotten good recently.

Marv So modest lol . Who are some of the people you’ve worked with?‬

‪Ok… I will try to go in chronological order. I started working with local west covina kids. We had a crew call Marble Jar. Two of the guys in that crew named Acid Reign were how I met Dax which led to working with the TunnelRats. Then throughout the years I’ve collaborated with all of the tr’z members, the LA Symphony crew members, Braille, Surreal, Big Rec. Ok I’m just going to stop because I can’t remember everything. I also did an album with KRS One, The Foot Soldiers (Raphi, Propaganda, Issues and Trinue), lmno and 2mex from the Visionaries. I also was working on a concept compilation album called Thumbnails. I ended up scraping, although you can find a rough version on the internets. that featured Raphi, Propaganda, Brainwash projects (Pigeon John and B-Twice) Guilty Simpson, Med, Georgia Anne Muldrow, lmno, and Surreal. That pretty much sums it up I think, then I got sick of most rappers and decided to focus on making my own instrumentals which brings up to the present day‬.

‪Ok ok. When I’m listening to Theory’s joint or your beat tape, your style is so unorthodox. What is your creative process?‬

Dert ‪That has been a gift and curse for me. this year I am focusing my sound, well actually dividing it into a couple different identities. but as for process, I think I start a beat and work just like most people. I just hear sounds and where to place them differently. If it is a sample based beat, I find the sample first, chop it up to see if I like it and if I can create an interesting part out of it. Then I will add drums to get a groove going, then add more elements from there. If it is a track I am making from scratch or a synth based track. Its the sample process but instead of finding a sample, I am designing a sound or tweaking a preset.‬

Marv ‪Mang the joint for the lack of better words is phenomenal dude with the no quantization and delay in the snare and clap. To me, that sounds like your signature sound.‬

‪I don’t recall there being any delay on that, maybe that happened in the mix. I tend to forget music when its done. Not quantizing beats is pretty much the thing these days. I think some people go too far with it.‬

‪Yeah I agree fam. I tend to shy away from quantizing. I’m a drummer so I’m pretty good with timing lol. What  equipment are you using these days.‬

Dert ‪I stopped using the mpc in or about 2009. I briefly was using the mpc renaissance but the software has a ways to go before it reaches its potential. These days my main go to is Battery 3 running in Logic Pro‬. It was a very difficult transition, I had to create my own workflow, but now that I’ve got it down. Its all pretty smooth

‪Yeah I use Battery as well. When I’m mobile, I’m using an app called BeatMaker 2 on my iPad. It’s dope. In a week, how many joints are you making on average?‬

Dert ‪I can’t answer that question. The number fluctuates too much. but I am not one of those producers that is concerned about making as many beats as I can in one day if less than half were worth being made‬.

Marv ‪I can dig that. Speaking about CHH, where do you see it in a few years, seeing that it’s becoming noticeable.‬

Dert ‪Honestly I’ve never concerned myself with that scene. And the people who are visible are not artists I would listen to.  Overall I think the legitimacy of everything has gone way up, but its still behind the curve.‬

Marv ‪Ok. What would you say to new and upcoming producer that may be reading this?‬

Dert ‪Make music because you love to do it. Study your craft and the history of music, hip hop and producing‬

Marv ‪Before we go what can we expect from you this year. Any new beat tapes, projects?‬

‪I plan to have a busy year. Definitely new beat tapes/instrumental albums. Im not really to start promoting that yet, but I’m working on it‬

Marv ‪Well let me know. I will definitely promote it for bruh.‬

Dert ‪For sure‬

Marv ‪Thanks for choppin it up with me dude.‬

‪No problem. Anytime man‬.

Marv ‪Peace.‬

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