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What’s happening? Thanks for chopping it up with me. Could you introduce yourself to the
readers? Who is Dre Brown Beats and what does he do?

Dre Brown Beats
Yeah, my name is DreBrown. Coming straight out of Philly. I’m a producer/beatmaker who
loves God, basketball, and video games.

Just out of curiosity, top 5 video games, top 5 NBA players and top 5 producers lol
Who you got?

Dre Brown Beats
Top 5 video games: Mass Effect, absolutely brilliant, NBA 2K, no specific one, COD 4:
Modern Warfare, NBA Street Vol. 2 off music alone lol, and a tie between WWF No Mercy and
WWE Smackdown: Here Comes The Pain. Top 5 NBA players: Hakeem the Dream, MJ, Durant, AI,
Vince Carter. Top 5 producers, that’s tough, I know for sure my top 2 are 9th Wonder and J
Dilla, Pete Rock, Just Blaze #4. That 5th is a toss up lol, cause I love Tall Black Guy,
Oddisee, Black Milk, and Nujabes as well…but those 1st 4 are definitely influences.

Bruh, I miss em NBA Street games. I may swap out just a few in every category….video
games, players, producers.

Dre Brown Beats
Yeah that is how it is man, but I still have Vol. 2 and 3 of NBA Street on PS2

I used to have em, now the only one I got is Homecourt for ps3…..such a disappointment of
a game. Anyways, how did you get into production and engineering….those are two different

Dre Brown Beats
I always loved music but for a while I never knew the process behind how the music was made
It was when I started working this summer job when I discovered beat making. It was a media
and tech job, and we as a group had to create a short documentary at the end of the summer
job…this guy comes in and tells us we are going to create our own music, so he came in
with this Akai MPC (2000xl I believe) and some records…I was 15 at the time. He starts
playing the record, then he started choppin’ and looping the sample. I started bugging out
like, “yo, I need to try this!”

Man to mention an mpc nowadayz seems kinda nostalgic due to everyone using daws or
different machines.

Dre Brown Beats
Exactly…but that was the first and last time I used one of those. He had put me on to FL
Studio after the summer job was over. I was on and off with it until another producer
showed me how to sample in it, and then that’s when I took off.

FL gang huh? I started on FL Studio 7. Speaking of which what’s in your arsenal to make

Dre Brown Beats
I use FL 11 and a midi keyboard. Looking to get a Maschine soon…

Yeah machine is that new new….how do you go about making tracks? Where does your engineer
self come into play when creating….

Dre Brown Beats
Mostly when I’m making beats, I have an idea of how I want the beat to sound. I like my
stuff to sound clean, my kicks to have that nice bounce to it, snares to be somewhat
snappy. Most often when I start on a beat, I like to get a feel of the sample and chop it
up first before I lay my drums down.

Whom have you worked with?

Dre Brown Beats
I’ve worked with Jered Sanders, who has had his music posted on Rapzilla, DJBooth,
2DopeBoyz and other blog sites. Milan Credle, who also had his music on Rapzilla.
Chris Morris (R.I.P.) who had music on DJBooth. And I got a cosign from 9th Wonder which
led to a track on Actual Proof’s album “Black Boy Radio”

Word that’s dope, and all em mcs you mentioned are talented! Cosign from 9th?

Dre Brown Beats
Yeah that’s huge when your favorite producer thinks that your beats are dope. That was
really huge for me…

Bet! Man….I would of walked a little taller if I had that kind of thing happened to me.
That’s blessed!

Dre Brown Beats
Dude, I was just happy that I got to meet him. But a big thing for me is remaining humble.

True that man….why doncha give us a nugget of how that all went down? You meeting

Dre Brown Beats
December of 2011, him and Phonte had a concert in South Philly. So I came prepared with a
demo beat tape. After the show he met with the fans, took pictures, etc. I got a chance to
hand him the CD all while my mother was gassin me up lol

Oh no ahahahahaga shout out to your moms doe! A mothers touch!

Dre Brown Beats
Lol love her to death! About 2 months pass, I’m in school at the time. My email starts
blowing up full of Twitter followers…I’m confused thinking my page got hacked or
something, come to find out 9th was looking for me on Twitter…craziest most exciting day
of my life lol. He hits me with a phone call saying that he wants to possibly use one of my
beats on his group Actual Proof new album

Bruh……I would of have lost it and messed up and quit school lol be like I’m a producer
now! A phone call from 9th……smh

Dre Brown Beats
Lol right! Couldn’t quit school though promised my mom I would finish lol I was losing it
that day, hitting up all my homies like, YO 9TH WONDER CALLED ME!

Bruh I would too…I think anyone would. What would be some advice you would give to
someone on the come up or for an aspiring producer?

Dre Brown Beats
Be yourself. There’s always that pressure to want to sound like someone else cause its the
wave, but authenticity goes a long way. Find your sound.

Here’s a Lil bit of a deep question, what’s something of a mistake you have had to learn
the hard way and how should a rookie avoid that mistake?

Dre Brown Beats
There’s a lot I could choose and a lot I’m still learning, but one that comes to mind is
constructive criticism. Do not avoid it. Especially from your peers. Another big one,
always have at least two external hard drives lol. I had my computer crash about two or
three times and I lost a good amount of beats.

Alrighty bro, thanks for taking the time. Appreciate it! God bless!

Dre Brown Beats
Yup, thank for choosing me to interview, I’m grateful!


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