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Who’s Up Next With Ryan Vetter


What up Ryan! Thanks for taking the time to do this!

Ryan Vetter
No problem man!

Could you introduce yourself to the readers? Who is Ryan Vetter and what
does he do?

Ryan Vetter
Well I’m a Dallas based producer. I’ve been making beats for 4 years
(started with Ableton and it’s been my baby since) and have been playing
drums for about 8. I’m a student at Collin College in Plano, TX enrolled
in the Commercial Music program. I’ve been learning a lot and meeting
lots of new people. The degree in music doesn’t seem like a necessary
one because of the more talent over knowledge mindset of the industry,
but I’m definitely learning a lot more than I expected. I have goals to
produce or engineer for a record label someday and potentially work with
some of my favorite artists…

That’s dope, so 4 years in the productions game and working towards
learning new instruments and the engineering game. How did you get into

Ryan Vetter
I would say that it all started when I got a pair of Beats headphones
for Christmas one year. I’d listen carefully to what parts I liked and
what stood out to me, then I would eventually pick one specific sound
that I could focus on throughout the whole song, even if it was a very
minor element. This opened up the door to me to really pay attention to
the art of layers in music. One year later I got Ableton, and after
getting past the learning curve, began making extremely simple beats
using those same headphones and cheap computer speakers from Fry’s
electronics haha.

Word! I would say Ableton is like Reason or are similar because of how
intimidating it looks to learn lol since then, whom have you worked

Ryan Vetter
I’ve worked with a few artists like Dre Murray, WXNDER Y, Loso, Ilish,
Braille, Ruslan, and Witness. Not all of those encounters resulting in
making a song, but definitely growing with them and dipping my feet in
the waters. Also I’ve met a lot of dope producers where we collab every
so often; dudes like OnBeat Music, Dre Knowss, and Kevmo. Those are the
most slept on dudes I know smh. They kill it. If it’s someone’s turn to
blow-up over night it’s them.

Shout out to OB and Dre! I mos def will look up Kevmo…could you
describe how you worked with those artists…Dre Murray, Wxndr etc…
Also could you tell us what your working with in terms of
equipment….you’re rocking Ableton and……perhaps an mpd or midi

Ryan Vetter
Well I actually produced a song that Dre Murray and Loso hopped on. That
track is on Loso’s Valley of Vision EP that just came out this past
summer. With WXNDER Y I’ve got a song called Game that Alano Adan (fka FLO)
hopped on as well. With Ilish I produced a track called Have Fun (ft. Angie Rose)And as far as my setup, I’m rocking with the M-Audio BX5 monitors, Akai MPD218, M-Audio keystation 49, and the Behringer x1204 mixer.

Nice nice, a mixer? Hardware? Dope! What is you’re process in the stu?
Do you have to be feeling a certain way….have some coffee and
donuts…have watched an episode of a show to get yourself into gear to
produce? Walk us through youre process…

Ryan Vetter
lol it’s just a small little 8 channel mixer. Nothing crazy haha!
My creative process is usually pretty different. I wouldn’t say I have a
very specific thing that just automatically brings creativity to mind.
I’m not gonna lie there will sometimes be a week or so where I just
don’t have any creative juices flowing and I don’t even create anything.
I find that my most creative times are when I hear a like a really nice
loop or sound or something, then I can chop it up or build off of it. I
get really inspired by also listening to other genres of music like
metal and pop, I don’t only listen to rap. Right now I’d say that my
main musical influence is Jon Bellion. He’s a beast

Yeah no doubt…yeah well you don’t hear about aspiring producers using
hardware or having that in their set up since everything is digital now
you know? Gotchu gotchu…who are some artists you would like to work

Ryan Vetter
I’d really like to work with the Dream Junkies. I feel like as I’ve
grown as a producer my sound has become sort of similar in a way and we
could collaborate well. Also, Andy Mineo. He’s matured a lot as an
artist and I’ve been a big fan since Formerly Known dropped a
lonnnnnnnng time ago. He was one of the dudes I had on repeat on the
Beats headphones I was talking about earlier. And outside of CHH I’d
really love to work with or even just be a fly on the wall for Porter
Robinson, M83, Jon Bellion, or even Kendrick. Yeah I’ll dream big haha

Aye bruh ain’t nothing wrong with that! Formerly Known was dope though!
I miss thebreax! (Ruslan|Beleaf) lol who knows if they’ll come
back…what can we expect from you moving forward? Anything in the

Ryan Vetter
Yes bro!!!! Right now I don’t have any big projects in the works. Just
making beats and trying to perfect my craft. I’m trying to network as
well as I can can meet new people in the industry, I know God will open
doors for me eventually. Til then I just gotta keep grindin

Mos def, before I let you go, did you participate in the Rapzilla Beat
Battle a while back?

Ryan Vetter
Yessir! I did the 2014 beat battle (with less than a year’s experience
lol) and the 2015 battle!

Nice nice! Could you tell us about you’re experiences at them events? If
I’m not mistaken…you flipped a Veggie Tale song right? How did that
come about…

Ryan Vetter
Man, those are great events, super fun to compete in and a great
networking environment. I learned a lot from those competitions and made
lots of new friends. But ahhh the veggie tales beat haha! That was
basically just an idea I had after watching the previous year’s Beat
Battle videos. I noticed people would lose their minds if you pulled out
a song and randomly sampled it. So what better song to sample and bring
to a CHH conference then the OG song of all songs featuring the homies
Bob and Larry?????

Haaaaaaaa!!! I ain’t gonna lie man it was something that caught everyone
off guard! None the less fresh! Alright Ryan, thanks again for taking
the time! Any shout outs? Let the people know!!!

Ryan Vetter
That was the goal haha!! For sure! Shoutout to the bros Kevmo, OB, and
Dre Knowss, keep grindin, I know y’all will make it! And shoutout to all
the aspiring producers out there, it’s easy to compare your work to
someone else’s and feel discouraged, but just believe that you can be
great. Everyone you look up to also looks up to someone else, learn from
their talents, don’t be discouraged by it. Thanks so much for the
interview bro, I really appreciate it.



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