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Yo W! What’s happening,thank you so much for taking the time to do

Absolutely man! Thank you very much for having me, I really
appreciate you

For the folks who may be reading this introduce yourself…..who is
W and what does he do?

I am an aspiring musician/audio engineer born and raise in
Manhattan Kansas.

Run us through how you got started musically…..making music and
engineering…how did that start?

Well coming from a musical family, I started playing drums in the
church at about 3 years old. As my mom would always tell it she
would sit in the front row so that I could watch the drummer ( which
I would do the entire service). As time went along I gradually made
my way to sitting with the drummer on his lap. He would play the
kick and control the hi hat pedal while I would use the sticks and
play the top and I learned drums that way. My dad is a bass player
who is pretty fluent in keys/guitar and so I picked up alot of music
theory and things of that nature from him.

I think as far as engineering goes, as I got older I wanted to under
why some of my favorite artists and records that I listened to
sounded the way they did sonically. So I decided to enroll in an
audio engineering school in Tempe Arizona to gain some knowledge and
understanding of the technical side of music.

Dope, so not only are you wanting to grow creatively but you also
wanna know the technical side. How did those elements help you to
becoming an engineer and producer?

Well I think wanting to understand and know the why of what I’m
playing helps completely. I think it’s great to have the tools and
the God given raw talent, that’s a fantastic starting point but
understanding what you have and how to use it makes it that much
more if that makes sense.

Word….so musician…producer and engineer….do any of those take
priority or clash? Could you only be one or balance all three? Whom
would you say are musical influences in

Ah man thats a good question. I think more of a musician. They do
seem to clash at times though for sure, especially trying to
engineer my own work at times. Is it possible to balance all three??
I think so, I’m not there yet at all, but God willing I will be one
day. Musical influences? I’d have to say Stevie Wonder, Prince,
Donald Fagen/ Steely Dan, Dilla, Madlib just to name a few..

Gotchu….when did you start taking producing seriously and whom
have you worked with?

I started taking producing seriously probably around 2011. I’ve
worked with Jered Sanders, Iman Europe, Abe Alem, Ullnevano, illien
Roswell, Cash Hollistah, Shiwan & Sean C. Johnson so far.

Shout outs to all of em! Illien a monsta, big ups 2 Jered Sanders
(Go Cop that Nobody Famous) Shiwan…Sean C. Johnson all of em!
What do you use to create in the studio?

Most definitely!! I couldn’t have said that any better!!!
Usually its a turntable, some records, a midi controller and my
laptop running Logic Pro 9 & X. All depends, but I can use hardware
as well if calls for it.

There’s just something about digging in the crates….for me it gets
the mind moving. Hardware!? Out of all the interview very few can
say they know how run hardware? What do you know how to use?

Yeah man I agree! So many ideas just from digging its crazy. Akai’s
MPC’s (not really a big fan of but could get around on it) Most
keyboards and workstations. Some knowledge on the Neve board as well
(need to knock the dust off though haha).

Word! Yeah man I still dig…I always wanted to dabble into using an
asr-10, mpc 60 or 3000…Walk us through you’re process in the
Studio. How do you go about making tracks?

Bro you and me both, I still haven’t gotten my hands on an asr-10
but need to.Process? Man it really all depends on how I’m feeling.
Sometimes I’ll sit down and just start playing chords on the keys
until something catches my ear. Or scroll through sounds/kits until
something triggers an idea. Lately though its been going through
samples and drawing inspiration from that. But it varies for sure
man. How do you usually start your work??

It depends really but it usually stems from a sample I found…whom
would you like to or would want to work with be it a producer,
engineers etc…

Thats whats up, thats a great question I’m really not too.

Word? Nobody in particular?

Other than those artists I named earlier? I don’t think so. I’m
really open to work and collab with any talented artist/producer
with a great head on their shoulders.

Gotchu gotchu…..what are some nuggets you could share for an
aspiring producer and for what’s next with you?

Nuggets I could share that I’ve been taught would have to be hmm
probably study other producers who may not actually do the same
music/genre you do, and then PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE… Only way
to get better at what you do is to work at it. As far as whats next
for me, I have a super dope project I’m currently working on with an
artist who will remain nameless, but its gonna be crazy! Excited to
keep creating and trying new things.

Alrighty W, thanks for chopping it up with me. Any shout outs? Let
the people know!

Yeah man shouts to Jered Sanders (cop that Nobody Famous on all
major platforms) and the whole God Over Money crew, shouts to
illien, neva, logic marselis, Abe, Cash Hollistah (peep his projects
out as CashMob/CashMob2) and you of course my good man. A thousand
apologies to anyone I may have missed. Again I appreciate your



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Soundcloud: {W} Wayne Valentine 

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